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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

North Korea and Cuba Confrence on Woes of Communism Today

HAVANA (AP) - Cuban Defense Secretary Raul Castro discussed challenges facing Cuba and North Korea, two of only five remaining communist states in the world, in a meeting with the vice president of North Korea's parliament, state-run media reported Tuesday. […] They talked about shared experiences "in the construction of socialism" as well as "the fight to preserve ... national independence in the face of constant imperialist aggressions," Granma said.

Inside the Presidential Palace:

Raul: “You know Yang, it has gotten nearly impossible to show people the benefits of Communism”

Yang: “I know, with America and Europe always showing off their grand capitalistic economies, with their food and their luxuries, and their stupid quality of life”.

Raul: “Remember when old Gorbachev and the USSR made it ‘cool’ to be a Commie?”

Yang: “Yeah… those were the days, now even the Chinese are converting over to capitalism… next thing you know, they’ll be voting, and then the people will have a voice.”

Raul: “Don’t give me nightmares Yang… what do the people need a voice for? They are so stupid, how could they ever figure out what is best for them?

Yang: “Tell me about it. Our people still seem not to know how good they have it. I understand they have to eat rocks for dinner, but how many other people get to experience being a subject of our Dear Leader”?

Ok, enough story time. Are these guys for real? To me, it just seems silly that they feel they need to confrence on why the demonstrable failure that communisim is, now fails them.