Monday, October 31, 2005 

DNC Misdirected Blame on GOP for Pump Prices

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats chided congressional Republicans on Saturday for failing to do enough to stem high energy costs that have resulted in huge oil industry profits.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., also said Congress should look into whether to enact a federal energy price-gouging law. Democrats and a few Republicans have also said Congress should enact a windfall-profits tax on oil companies, but that idea has been sharply criticized by the Bush administration and GOP congressional leaders.

The House by a narrow vote recently approved legislation its GOP supporters say would provide incentives to build or expand refineries. They also have proposed opening coastal waters that now are off limits to drilling to energy development, especially natural gas.

"What was the Republican answer to the hurricanes? More subsidies to the oil industry," Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., said in his party's weekly radio address.

First off, DNC operators know that incentives to build and expand refineries would lower current pump prices. Second, I would hardly call those “Subsidies to the Oil Industry”.

But Third… I think there is something to be said about Gas stations struggling to make profits during this pump price crisis, while Oil Industries are making record profits. Any Republican with some honesty, not beholden to oil moguls would support looking into this just a bit.

Yes we work in a free market, but at some point, everyone needs to share the burden. After all, that is what made this country great, no “Robber Barons”.


Reid Asks For Rove to Resign (Except He Doesnt Work for Reid?)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate Democratic leader said Sunday that presidential adviser Karl Rove should resign because of his role in exposing an undercover CIA officer, and a veteran Republican senator said President Bush needs "new blood" in his White House.

Now if Rove gets indicted, I agree he should resign, but if he doesn’t… isn’t it a bit premature to be asking him to resign… especially when he doesn’t work for you? It makes me wonder why Reid wants Rove out so bad.


You Spin Me Right Round Baby Like an Alito Record

With Republicans trying to salvage their political standing, and Democrats still trying find some, the Bush nomination (2nd Try) for Associate Supreme Court Justice Judge Alito started the music for the spin game:

First on the Left

"Rather than selecting a nominee for the good of the nation and the court, President Bush has picked a nominee whom he hopes will stop the massive hemorrhaging of support on his right wing. This is a nomination based on weakness, not strength." _ Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.

"President Bush put the demands of his far-right political base above Americans' constitutional rights and legal protections by nominating federal appeals court Judge Samuel Alito to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor." _ Ralph Neas, president of the liberal People For the American Way.

And on the Right
"The president has made an excellent choice today which reflects his commitment to appoint judges in the mold of (Antonin) Scalia and (Clarence) Thomas. Sam Alito, a 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals judge, has consistently embraced the original intent of the Constitution." _ Kay Daly, president of the conservative Coalition for a Fair Judiciary.

"Judge Alito is unquestionably qualified to serve on our nation's highest court. And on the bench, he has displayed a judicial philosophy marked by judicial restraint and respect for the limited role of the judiciary to interpret the law and not legislate from the bench." _ Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

By the time it gets to Senate hearings, we should see this thing going like a top. I’m sure if you like the Blue-Goo crowd, he will be some kind of gay hating Nazi, and if you like the Red-Herd, you will think he is an end to “Judicial Activism” (at least left wing activism).


Syria Gets No Support At UN.

UNITED NATIONS (Washington Post) -- Syria had few vocal supporters ahead of a Security Council vote Monday on a tough resolution that would threaten sanctions if Damascus doesn't cooperate with the U.N. investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. […] Even Security Council members concerned by some provisions of the resolution did not object to sending Syria a stern message. The United States, France and Britain had little doubt the council would approve the resolution.

It appears to be pretty lonely when for Syria right now. Where is all the supportive nations that usually work against the US? Maybe Syria overstepped even their sympathy with the UN this time.


Judge Sam A. Alito Next Batter For Team Bush in SCOTUS Playoffs

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush, stung by the rejection of his first choice, nominated conservative judge Samuel Alito on Monday to replace moderate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in a bid to reshape the Supreme Court and mollify his political base.

"Judge Alito is one of the most accomplished and respected judges in America," the president said in announcing Alito's selection. "He's got a mastery of the law and a deep commitment to justice." Bush exhorted the Senate to confirm his choice by the end of the year.

But have you known him for at least 10 years, and is religion a major part of his life? I mean, that was the criteria last time…

But, at least this batter has something we could call qualifying experience.

Friday, October 28, 2005 

Fitzgerald: Libby Started Plame Ousting, Then Lied About It

Fitzgerald: “He [Libby] was at the beginning of a chain of phone calls, discussing Valerie Plame’s identity, and he lied about it."

Please forgive any misquotes as I am doing this from shorthanded notes done during the press conference.

5 counts: 2 perjuries, 2 making false statements, 1 obstruction of justice. The explanation for these, per Fitzgerald: “Witnesses must tell the complete truth, especially when the investigation involves national security."

Apparently, as Fitzgerald describes it, these are the events that transpired.

Libby told the FBI investigators, and later, the grand jury, that he was “at the end of a chain of phone calls”. He said that while Valerie’s identity was discussed as early as a month before the article by Robert Novak came out, yet he had "forgotten” the information then, and only re-learned of it after talking to Tim Russert. He then, after the long chain of phone calls, told Joe Cooper and Judith Miller.

What apparently really happened, is that Libby never heard about Valerie’s identity from Russert, but in fact heard of it from an Undersecretary of State in June 2003.

At the same time, around June 14th 2003, Libby apparently complained to CIA officials about information being released and leaked from the CIA (about the Niger uranium) and specifically brought up Valerie and Joe Wilson’s names. This was a month before Novak’s column, and approximately a week before he told FBI investigators he heard about it from Russert.

Bottom Line:
Libby was the beginning of where the Washington media circle first found out about Valerie Plame working for the CIA. Libby was the one person that took the inner-circle Washington Officials discussion about Mrs. Plame into the public sector (the media).

While the Special Prosecutor cannot (at this time) verify if Libby willingly exposed a covert agent of the CIA, he obviously was the beginning of this fiasco, and will now face those charges.

Before the Left takes this to spin it against the Iraq war, and the Right spins it to say “he was never indicted of a treasonous act” or “it’s nothing different than what Clinton was indicted for”, let me go on record first:

Party Lines aside, Lewis Libby, Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States, knowingly lied to investigators, and the Special Prosecutor in a case that directly involved national security. That is a crime per the law, and a crime per basic ethics of office.


Iran Steps Up Rhetoric Against Israel (How Long Till The Bomb?)

(MSNBC) TEHRAN, Iran - Tens of thousands of Iranians staged anti-Israel protests across the country on Friday, repeating calls by their ultraconservative president for the Jewish state’s destruction. […] World leaders have condemned Wednesday’s remarks by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who repeated the words of the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic nation, by saying: “Israel must be wiped off the map.”

Two things come to mind. One, how come so many people have forgotten that this is the overall goal of the theocracy that has controlled Iran since the Islamic revolution. And two: Hitler sounded like this, and he became an insane murderer of millions.

Now that Russian and China are supporting Ahmadinejad, is the world going to allow him to acquire nuclear tipped ballistic missiles, and wait until he launches them against Israel before they act?

Oh, and notice the sign on the podium in the picture? Notice it is in English?… but remember, the US and Israel are the aggressive and oppressive ones in the Middle East.


Oil-for-Food Corruption Report Reads Like List of Who Voted Against Iraq War

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - More than 2,200 companies, including major concerns like DaimlerChrysler, Siemens and Volvo, made illicit payments totaling $1.8 billion to Saddam Hussein's government during the U.N. oil-for food program, a report said on Thursday.

Preferential treatment was given to companies in France, Russia and China, all permanent members of the Security Council, who were more favorable to lifting the 1990 sanctions compared to the United States, Britain and Japan.

Among those named in the report as receiving oil vouchers that could be sold for a commission were British lawmaker George Galloway, former French U.N. Ambassador Jean-Bernard Merimee, former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua and Russian ultranationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Top European companies like Germany's DaimlerChrysler AG and Siemens, Britain's Weir Group and the Brussels-based branch of Volvo Construction Engineers were among those reported to have paid kickbacks to Iraq.

Now, I’m not trying to insinuate anything… well, yes I am.

Notice all the nations that are named, and all the nations of the companies and people named. Now notice the lack of American involvement. I know the American left, and most of Europe would like to continue their stand that the war was “illegal” and “immoral” because the US did not have UN approval. But how about this:

If China, France, Russian, and Germany didn’t have so much money tied up in Saddam Hussien, they wouldn’t have vetoed the proposal for military action to remove him. Their greed and corruption in Iraq is what molded the UN’s position on Iraq, and that is what they are now using to call the war illegal and corrupt. While you cry out to “KNOW THE TRUTH”… well here it is. Are you still ready to condemn those who are corrupt?


Economy is Growing Better Than Expected (Shock and Panic Ensues on the Left)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. economy shook off headwinds from hurricanes Katrina and Rita to grow at a faster-than-expected 3.8 percent annual rate in the third quarter, a Commerce Department report showed on Friday.

Despite surging prices at the gasoline pumps, the report showed that so-called core inflation, which exempts food and energy from its calculation, declined in the third quarter.

My only question then is why we keep hearing that the economy is bad, and Bush needs to improve it to “salvage his Presidency”? Better yet… maybe those crazy tax cuts for the “rich” are doing something good?

It seems only the media and the American left are in shock that the economy is doing good.


Irans Nuke Program May Surprise You

(MSNBC) has a nice Flash about Iran’s nuclear facilities. For those people that are under the impression that Iran only has one or two sites that are only for peaceful energy production, check this thing out, you may see why everyone (except Russia and China) are worried about Iran.

Click on the image to the left to visit it.


Miers: Cronyism Is, As Cronyism Does

Harriet Miers: “However, I am concerned that the confirmation process presents a burden for the White House and our staff that is not in the best interests of the country” […] “As you know, members of the Senate have indicated their intention to seek documents about my service in the White House in order to judge whether to support me….”

In other words, they were going to actually dig into her past, and potentially Bush’s past because she was his legal council, and that might look bad for both of them…

Miers, for all her faults (and complete lack of qualifications for the SCOTUS), she’s loyal to the end.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 

Gallup Poll: Bush Would Lose Election Today (Dems, He Cannot Run Again, Stop Campaigning)

(CNN) -- A majority would vote for a Democrat over President Bush if an election were held this year, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll released Tuesday. [...] In the latest poll, 55 percent of the respondents said that they would vote for the Democratic candidate if Bush were again running for the presidency this year.

Thats good. Because all the Democrats seem to still think they are running against Bush for that pretend "do-over" election, just to prove they could have won.

Go Smurfs! Keep the Blue Goo Army Alive!


Former Sen. Danforth: Christians Are Ruining the GOP (Not Quite, But Nice Try)

(AP) Danforth, a former Republican senator from Missouri and an Episcopal priest, met with students during a seminar and held a luncheon talk at the graduate school.

"I think that the Republican Party fairly recently has been taken over by the Christian conservatives, by the Christian right," he said in an interview after his talks. "I don't think that this is a permanent condition but I think this has happened, and that it's divisive for the country."

Right Mr. Danforth, it’s the crazy Christians ruining the party… not the spend-happy pseudo-liberals that are tossing up “R” next to their names, that are messing things up for the GOP.

But, he gives examples:
"Nothing is more dangerous than religion in politics and government when it becomes divisive," he said. "I'll give you examples: Iraq. Northern Ireland. Palestine."

Except he forgets that North Ireland took even greater exception to (what they felt was) oppressive British rule, Iraq had a non-religious murderous dictator, and Palestinians are not the problem… Hamas and other nations trying to hurt Israel are. I think Danforth is mistaking religion as the problem, for vote pandering idiots that are acting self-serving in Washington.


It’s a Wrap (And Back to the Drawing Board), Miers Withdraws

(CNN) President Bush "reluctantly" accepts Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers's request to withdraw her nomination.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to be a Supreme Court justice Thursday in the face of stiff opposition and mounting criticism about her qualifications.

"It is clear that senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents concerning advice provided during her tenure at the White House - disclosures that would undermine a president's ability to receive candid counsel," Bush said. "Harriet Miers' decision demonstrates her deep respect for this essential aspect of the constitutional separation of powers - and confirms my deep respect and admiration for her."

Either that, or she just realized that nobody was going to take Bush’s word for it that she was “a heck of a lady”, and give a yes vote to someone that was considered by-and-large unqualified. Bush “reluctantly” sighed and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

Iraq Moves Forward and Approves Constitution (Despite the U.S. Left)

(Washington Post) BAGHDAD, Oct. 25 -- Iraqi voters approved a new constitution in a referendum 10 days ago, according to final results announced by electoral officials Tuesday, delivering a blow to Sunni Arabs who came close to defeating the charter and who will now try to amend it after electing a new legislature in December. […] The constitutional referendum was approved by 78 percent of voters.

Just in cased you missed it… since it has been buried and overlooked by virtually every media outlet... the US scored a major victory in their plans here.

And to all of you that were screaming of the failure, I notice your complete lack of attention to this, and I hope others do too.


Russia Backs Syria (Because Syria Is Russian Cash Cow)

(Reuters) MOSCOW - Russia, Syria's close ally since Cold War times, will do all it takes to block any attempt to slap economic sanctions against Damascus, a Foreign Ministry spokesman was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Russia, a veto-wielding permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, angered the United States earlier this year by announcing plans to sell advanced missile systems to Syria, which Washington has accused of having links to terrorism.

Just a reminder to everyone who would like to forget. This is the same nation that protested the Iraq war (when they had huge financial interests in Saddam Hussein), the country that protested any sanctions or referral to the Security Council of Iran (whom they have huge financial interests in), and now protests any sanctions against Syria… (broken record) whom they have huge financial interests in.

Russia is not fighting the US agenda for noble principles, they are fighting the US agenda for their own pocket book. Maybe this is why the US had to "go it alone" in Iraq?


2008 Round Up (In Depth)

The Templar Pundit has posted a very good and indepth analysis of the prospects in 2008. I encourage everyone to visit his post "2008 Round-Up and Rankings". I have pasted a rough outline, minus all the hard work and analysis he provided. To get the goods, you will have to hit his post

Top Republicans:

These three Republicans appear to be in the best position to win the 2008 nomination.

1. Mitt Romney

2. George Allen

3. Mike Huckabee

Top Democrats:

These three Democrats appear to be in the best position to win the 2008 nomination.

1. Hillary Clinton

2. Russ Feingold

3. Evan Bayh

Rising Stars:

Sam Brownback- The Republican Senator from Kansas
Bill Richardson- Gov. Richardson (D, NM)

Dead In The Water:

Newt Gingrich

Condi Rice

Tom Daschle

Rudy Giuliani

John Edwards

Haley Barbour

John Kerry

You will have to go to his site to see his in-depth analysis and predictions, but it is worth it. A good read, and the most detailed look at the prospects yet that wasnt paid for by the DNC or RNC.


Iranian President Says Israel Should Be Wiped Off Map (And They Want Nukes?)

(AP) TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's hard-line president called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and said a new wave of Palestinian attacks will destroy the Jewish state, state-run media reported Wednesday.

"Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury, any (Islamic leader) who recognizes the Zionist regime means he is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world," Ahmadinejad said.

But we should still trust Iran with nuclear technology, because they “promise” not to make weapons? Wake up world, you are being snookered. (See also: Iran Gets Long Ranged Missles; -Israel Warns US/EU to Act on Iran; - Iran “We Get Nukes, Or Else!”; - Why is Iran Talking Tough; - EU Backs Out of Threat to Iran Nukes; - Iran Openly Threatens US and Israel over Nuke Issue ; - What do Iran, China, and Russia All Have In Common? ; - Iran and Israel Clash at UN over Nukes )

You get the idea: I think trusting Iran seems much more "blond" than assuming the worst.


A Time Bomb Named Plame

WASH POST: Bush Aides Brace for Charges...

FT: Indictments in CIA leak case ‘about to be handed down’...

CIA leak investigators hold last-minute interviews with Plame neighbors...

FLASHBACK: 'Most of her neighbors and friends knew that she was a CIA employee'...



The Media is buzzing.... will the White House be spinning? Looks like we may start to find out today

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

The Circus of Sheehan is Getting Ready 2000

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Cindy Sheehan, the military mother who made her son's death in Iraq a rallying point for the anti-war movement, plans to tie herself to the White House fence to protest the milestone of 2,000 U.S. military deaths in Iraq.

Another anti-war group, Peace Action will protest in a dignified manner, not seeking publicity for themselves. "We ask that people do not bring signs or posters, just candles and perhaps pictures of soldiers," the notice for this event read. "No megaphones or speeches. Quiet mourning, prayer and song. No opportunities to offend or exclude."

I don’t agree with any of their politics, but I cannot find anything wrong, much less worthy of complaint about the way Peace Action choose to deomonstrate. However, Mrs. Sheehan, I feel is once again searching only for a way to draw attention to her self.

Hiding behind the death of her son, and a “peace movement”, I cannot help but feel that Cindy Sheehan is repeatedly stepping up her actions to draw more attention to herself, not the cause she is supposed to support. Tying herself to a fence will not make America focus on the troops. It will make America focus on her.


UN Covering Up Syrian Connections to Assassination (In the Name of Peace?)

Why does the US seem to have such a distain for the UN? Well, one reason may be their obvious pandering to smaller countries that commit egregious violations of the various resolutions. Another may be the corruption in the various aid and support programs for nations on their sanctions list (Iraq), or on their aid list.

Or possibly it is that they try to cover up a nation’s involvement in the assassination of another nation’s Prime Minister. It seems that the the UN have concluded their report on the investigation into the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. But forgot one thing.

What is interesting (huge understatement) is that the copy of the report mental giants disseminated still contained all the edits (magic of MS Word) that were done. While the majority of those edits were pretty mundane (spelling and grammatical correction), there were a couple that warranted interest.

For example:
One witness of Syrian origin but resident in Lebanon, who claims to have worked for the Syrian intelligence services in Lebanon, has stated that approximately two weeks after the adoption of Security Council resolution 1559, Maher Assad, Assef Shawkat, Hassan Khalil, Bahjat Suleyman and Jamil Al-Sayyed senior Lebanese and Syrian officials decided to assassinate Rafik Hariri. He claimed that Sayyed a senior Lebanese security official went several times to Syria to plan the crime, meeting once at the Meridian Hotel in Damascus and several times at the Presidential Place and the office of Shawkat a senior Syrian security official. The last meeting was held in the house of Shawkat the same senior Syrian security official approximately seven to 10 days before the assassination and included Mustapha Hamdan another senior Lebanese security official. The witness had close contact with high ranked Syrian officers posted in Lebanon.

Now, the strike out portions (if you reference the original document), are what was deleted. These (according to the time stamp) were deleted immediately after Mr. Mehlis got out of a meeting with Kofi Annan, who had “pledged repeatedly through his chief spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, that he would not change a word of the report by Detlev Mehlis, a German prosecutor” (Times Online).

As In the Bullpen words it:
Last week we noted an Associated Press report that Secretary-General Kofi Annan had said that “he is determined to keep an upcoming report into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri from fanning tensions between Syria and Lebanon.” Thanks to Bill Gates, now we know how far Annan was willing to go to protect the Syrian dictatorship.

The original word document can be found HERE, and the post from Templar Pundit (Big HT) is HERE


Remembering Rosa Parks

Remembering Rosa Parks, one of the bravest women to ever walk the streets of America. A single voice, said "No" to oppressive segregation, and changed the course of this country. She stood tall, and now we wish her peace. God Bless You Rosa.

Rosa Parks

Monday, October 24, 2005 

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

It is my wife’s birthday today, and so, this will remain up as the top post, all day long.

I love you beautiful.


Is Democrat NJ Governor Candidate Buying Black Votes?

WASHINGTON (AP) - New Jersey Sen. Jon Corzine (Dem), a former Wall Street executive with a portfolio worth $261 million, has been giving some of his money to black churches, raising questions about whether it's generosity or politics.

The Democrat, who is in a tight race for governor, donated or loaned more than $2.5 million last year to black churches. He has received the endorsement of more than two dozen black ministers.

Corzine, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, has defended his giving and cited the millions he has given to other organizations as well, including Planned Parenthood and The Vaccine Fund, which finances immunization.

Corzine may have given to other organizations, but not other churches. As a white man, giving money to black churches, but not to any others, he is blatantly buying votes. It may be legal, but is it ethically right?


It Is Spreading, Bird Flu Confirmed in UK

LONDON (AP) - The British government said Sunday that a strain of bird flu that killed a parrot in quarantine is the deadly H5N1 strain that has plagued Asia and recently spread to Europe.

The virus is spread by migrating wild birds and has recently been found in birds in Russia, Turkey and Romania, spurring efforts around the globe to contain its spread.

While it’s only been responsible for 61 deaths (all in Asia), this thing has started moving around pretty quick.


Bush a Uniter? (Not on Purpose)

In a rare moment of agreement, Republican and Democrat lawmakers both think that Harriet Miers is a poor candidate for the Supreme Court.

(Breitbart) "I think, if you were to hold the vote today, she would not get a majority, either in the Judiciary Committee or on the floor," said Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, who appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" show Sunday.

Arlen Specter, Republican chairman of the committee, confirmed the votes were not there at this time, and Miers would have to perform persuasively during the hearings to win over lawmakers.

Maybe President Bush has finally become the unifier he always dreamed of? Maybe Bush has now brought the nation back together for some healing... completely by accident, and by making a poor choice for SCOTUS nominee.


Syria Implicated in Assassination, Sparks Pro-Government Protest

UN investigation points finger at Syria for Lebanese PM

(AP) "The report indicated that people of a high level of this Syrian regime were implicated, [in the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.]" Straw told the BBC on Sunday. "We also have evidence ... of false testimony being given by senior people in the regime. This is very serious."

But don’t tell that to the Syrians:

Waving placards and pictures of their president, tens of thousands of Syrians protested in a pro-government rally Monday over a U.N. report on the killing of a Lebanese leader. […] "Mr. Mehlis: we are not murderers," read one banner, referring to Detlev Mehlis, the German prosecutor who wrote the report that implicated top Syrian security officials.

And of course, what would a protest in the Middle East be without the usual anti-US sentiment:
The protesters shouted slogans against the United States and unfurled banners with messages such as: "Get away from Syria" and "Syria will never be another Iraq."

However, this was helped along by the Syrian Government:
To ensure a big turnout, the government granted students a holiday and encouraged civil servants to attend. Officials from the ruling Baath Party took part in the demonstration, which was organized by state-controlled labor unions. Policeman blocked roads to traffic to make way for the protest.

You have to love those “spontaneous” displays of undying support for your local tyrants.


New Poll: 2 out of 3 Republicans Would Beat Leading Dems in 2008

Now that I have your attention:
A poll recently released by Marist College Institute for Public Opinion has reveled a couple of interesting statistics.

First, Condi Rice would lose to Hillary Clinton (41% to 50%), but would almost tie Kerry (45% to 46%) and would again loose to John Edwards (42% to 49%).

Second, John McCain would wipe the floor with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, or John Edwards.

John McCain 50%
Hillary Clinton 41%
Undecided 9%

John McCain 51%
John Kerry 40%
Undecided 9%

John McCain 49%
John Edwards 41%
Undecided 10%

Third, Rudi Giuliani would also wipe the floor with all three Potential Democrats:

Rudy Giuliani 50%
Hillary Clinton 43%
Undecided 7%

Rudy Giuliani 53%
John Kerry 40%
Undecided 7%

Rudy Giuliani 48%
John Edwards 43%
Undecided 9%

There are all other kinds of interesting facts in this poll. In general, I read this as popular Republicans, not associated with George Bush, would do very well against current leading Democrats. I also see that John McCain is currently the only candidate that enjoys solid majority approval in Democrat, Republican, and Independent camps. I wonder if the GOP will acknowledge this? I wonder if McCain will run as an Independent if they don’t?


Is the Curtain Falling on the CCP?

All is not well in China these days. With the booming economy ushered in by capitalism, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is beginning to feel the first effects of a social revolution.

(Epoch Times) The publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party by The Epoch Times near the end of last year triggered a large and rapidly growing number of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since that time, mainland Chinese have used every possible method of communication to declare their “three withdrawals”—resignations from the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers (both affiliates of the CCP).

(Epoch Times) "Tuidang! Tuidang!" yells the crowd and the man on the microphone, in call and response. What is this Tuidang? It is a Chinese word referring to renouncing all affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 5 million people have quit the CCP over the past year, and on Saturday in San Francisco those with lightened consciences encouraged more to do so.

Overseas, the CCP has resorted to wide-scale telephone harassment of Falun Gong practitioners. Within China, the party has issued threats and committed various forms of persecution against citizens who have quit the party. Falun Gong practitioners who spread the Nine Commentaries and help people quit the party are especially targeted. Acts such as police abductions, searching homes, confiscating possessions, dismissal from work, forced labor, jail time, and in some cases, even murder, have created a climate of state terror.

(Epoch Times) Activists, unfazed by Saturday’s dreary weather, marched with signs, banners, flags, and drums in Queen’s Chinatown. The chants in Chinese, and sometimes English, included statements like “Only without the Communist Party can there be a new China!” [in response to the five million that quit the CCP since Nov 2004].

The Epoch Times is the only media source I have found that is taking an active role against Communist China, and openly discredits their rhetoric and exposes their tyranny. The CCP’s iron grip is failing. Our government needs to take a more active and aggressive role to help the Chinese people from under the burden of the CCP.

Sunday, October 23, 2005 

New Look on In the Middle of America... Comments Welcome

I've updated my look... again. Tell me if you like it, hate it, or there are some other issues. (which wouldnt surprise me).

I'm doing this myself with trial versions of Macromedia Fireworks, and MS Frontpage (lots of click and drag, because I don't know HTML scripting that well).

Anyway, I'd like to see your comments on it, the Good the Bad, and the Ugly.


Friday, October 21, 2005 

DeLay Outwits Dem Ad Strategists (Smile, Its Your Mug Shot!)

Dashing Democratic ad strategists around the country, Tom DeLay makes his “mug shot” look like a campaign photo.

What did they expect, that a veteran politician would look like James Traficant, The disgraced Democrat found guilty of racketeering, bribery, and fraud charges (Smoking Gun)?


Rove Should Have Listened To His Momma!

WASHINGTON (New York Times), Oct. 20 - As he weighs whether to bring criminal charges in the C.I.A. leak case, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special counsel, is focusing on whether Karl Rove, the senior White House adviser, and I. Lewis Libby Jr., chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney, sought to conceal their actions and mislead prosecutors, lawyers involved in the case said Thursday.

Among the charges that Mr. Fitzgerald is considering are perjury, obstruction of justice and false statement - counts that suggest the prosecutor may believe the evidence presented in a 22-month grand jury inquiry shows that the two White House aides sought to cover up their actions, the lawyers said.

If this proves true, it means that Rove and/or Libby may be in very serious trouble… but not for leaking a names, violating national security, or committing treason.

They could be guilty of simply lying.

The old adage holds true: If you tell the truth, you never get in as much trouble. Rove’s mama must never have taught him that.


Inside the Planning Room For New Miers Sale (Shhhh, Its a Secret)

HT to Nickie Goomba


Friday is Here! And the Blue-Goo Crowd is At it Again. Smurfs Up Dude!

Friday is Here! And the Blue-Goo Crowd is At it Again. Smurfs Up Dude!

Foiled again by those evil Republicans (See: DeLay Booking Photo on Kos), the liberal community is determined to try and make the most of the DeLay case. Facts are simply not needed, nor is anything near proof. They know DeLay is guilty… after all. He must be, he’s a Rethuglican

Now, you guys can all go back to your Blue-Goo world as you Sing Along The Happy Song (thanks marco).

As a side note, you can also use this handy Smurf Name Generator. Doubt the Blue-Goo mentality? The Smurf name given for George BushNaughty Smurf. Smurf name for Bill Clinton: Pimpin' Smurf, and Smurf name for Al Gore: Talk to the Hand Smurf.

By the way, my Smurf name: Fictitious Smurf… whatever that means?

Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Your Tax Dollars At Work, Helping Impotent Men Everywhere!

WASHINGTON (AP) - It took a hurricane to do it, but Congress has finally ended federal subsidies for users of Viagra and other sexual performance drugs.

The Senate on Wednesday passed without debate and sent to the president legislation that ends Medicare and Medicaid payments for erectile dysfunction drugs as part of a package that extends medical help for the poor and provides unemployment benefit aid to states hit by Hurricane Katrina.

these programs recognizes that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for certain lifestyle prescription drugs through Medicare and Medicaid."

You think? How exactly did we ever get to this point to begin with? I would like to see the proposal that proposed including impotency drugs be included into Medicare. I would like to see who signed it. I would like to know which pharmaceuticals company lobbyist talked them into this. Finally, I would like to see the campaign contributions from these pharmaceuticals companies, and who they went to.


No Raise In Minimum Wage (Wave The B.S. Flags, It is Getting Deep)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate proposals to raise the minimum wage were rejected Wednesday, making it unlikely that the lowest allowable wage, $5.15 an hour since 1997, will rise in the foreseeable future.

A labor-backed measure by Sen. Edward Kennedy would have raised the minimum to $6.25 over an 18-month period. A Republican counterproposal would have combined the same $1.10 increase with various breaks and exemptions for small businesses.

He said it was "absolutely unconscionable" that in the same period that Congress has denied a minimum wage increase, lawmakers have voted themselves seven pay raises worth $28,000.

But Republican opponents, echoing the arguments of business groups, said higher minimum wages can work against the poor if they force small businesses to cut payrolls or go out of business.

Actually, I have to agree with the Teddy the Kook this time. I do find it somewhat crazy that the Senators felt they needed a cost of living adjustment every year (except this year with Katrina), yet they don’t think the minimum wage workers do?

Even the Republican measure that included breaks and incentives for the small businesses that would be “hurt” by an increase failed… I’m pretty confused here?


China Nukes Can Now Reach US. Rumsfeld is Worried (Duh!)

BEIJING (AP) - The expanding reach of China's nuclear missiles is worrisome to the United States, which would like Chinese officials to be more open about their intentions, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday.

I’m an amateur, and I can figure this one out. They intend to become the other “Super Power”, with the ability to strike us at will.

In a report to Congress last July, the Pentagon expressed worry about China's expanding missile force. "It is fielding more survivable missiles capable of targeting India, Russia, virtually all of the United States, and the Asia-Pacific theater as far south as Australia and New Zealand," the report said.

But they have Club Gitmo to worry about, and elections to win. They cannot be bothered right now with the rise of a new Communist threat to the United States.


One Step Forward (Iraqi Constitution), Two Steps Back (US Burned Bodies)

Just when things are looking up in Iraq, someone steps in it again.

(Breitbart) The U.S. military said Wednesday it was investigating a report carried on an Australian television network that claimed American soldiers in Afghanistan burned the bodies of two Taliban fighters and then used the action to taunt other Islamic militants.

Shortly after the bodies were burned, the soldiers from the psychological operations unit allegedly read out taunting messages about the act over a loudspeaker to the nearby village, according to a transcript of the program.

"Taliban, you are all cowardly dogs. You allowed your fighters to be laid down facing west and burned. You are too scared to come down and retrieve their bodies," said one message read by a soldier, according to the transcript.

One step forward, two steps back. Couldn’t you just have burned some wood instead? Did you really have to do something that will piss off ALL Muslims?


While DeLay Has Spotlight, Frist Sinks Deeper

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist paid $72,012 from his own pocket to his 2000 re-election campaign fund in August, two months after he was notified that trustees had sold millions of dollars of his stock in HCA Inc., the hospital chain founded by his father and brother.

That Aug. 30 payment was disclosed in Federal Election Commission filings last Friday. The documents also show the campaign fund on the same day paid off a $349,107 outstanding loan from U.S. Bank Corp.

Seriously, do we still need to wonder if he just happened to profit immensely from a timely stock sale, and pay off his entire outstanding debt for the 2000 campaign, setting himself up for a clean slate to potentially run for President in 2008?

But it was a blind trust right?


Judge Says No to Pic ID Vote Requirement (Why I Agree, For Now)

ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - A federal judge Tuesday blocked Georgia from enforcing a new state law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls.

In issuing the preliminary injunction, U.S. District Judge Harold Murphy said the law amounts to an unconstitutional poll tax because the state is not doing enough to make ID cards available to those who cannot afford them.

The Judge has (I think inadvertently) exposed the dilemma of government concerning voting rights and controls. To mandate that all voters show official picture identification is the only way to ensure voter fraud is not rampant and wide spread. However, the quandary lies in that the states make getting that picture identification a red-tape lined bureaucratic mess that costs more than it should. Driver’s licenses and other forms of state identification have become a source of revenue for the state, instead of service they provide.

With governments black hole hunger for money, they will never make it easy and virtually free for average citizens to get these forms of identification, thus no Judge will allow you to make a state revenue program a mandatory practice for the fundamental right to vote.


Gingrich in 2008! (Seriously?)

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday he might run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 - unless some candidates promote his ideas.

Warning shot to the GOP, reminding them that it is a “No Moderates Allowed” club?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

What Is a Republicrat or a Demican? (Still On That Funny Kick)

Another Snoop Zone theft. I just can't help but look at Washington, and see this played out over and over again.


So Many Jokes, So Little Time.

This is good. Ran across it on another blog I had never (previously) heard of called "Snoop Zone"

Check his site out, very good for quick ones like this.


Their Work Done In America, The Liberal Machine Turns Its Eye On Canada

Canada, now you too can enjoy the benefits of liberal and “progressive” culture killers imposed upon you by politicians:

First, Multiculturalism:
TORONTO (AP) - Former President Clinton asked an audience of Canadian business executives to help end child poverty and terrorism by embracing the outside world and its many religions.

Then Environmental Restrictions:
Clinton named global warming as another looming threat to the planet and called on the audience to demand that their government explore more alternative energy sources.

Finally, the Coup de Gras of “Political Correctness” and “Entitlement”:
Clinton told the predominantly white audience they must reach out to other races, ethnic groups and religions. He said terrorists would continue to be fueled by fear and resentment that better opportunities were closed off to them.

What’s worse, these “businessmen” paid Bill to teach them how to commit national and economic suicide:
The audience of mostly business executives paid $335 to $1,100 to hear the 42nd U.S. president speak.

Just think of the Smurf’s theme song as the “Blue Goo” march continues now through Canada.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 

Now You Too Can Rebuff Neo-Cons, Just Use This Handy Virtual Moonbat

I found this via "Mike's America", who had it via Moonbat Monitor. Have fun with it, and dont get spooked out when you notice the likeness to the arguments from before.

If you are a Lib... please allow me the opportunity to post something similar. Maybe a "VRWC Rebuke Creator" or something.


Texas Hold Em: DeLay Goes All In (Earle Wanted Deal At First)

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Texas prosecutor tried to persuade Rep. Tom DeLay to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and save his job as majority leader but DeLay refused, the congressman's attorney said Monday.

Dick DeGuerin described such an effort in a letter to the prosecutor in the case, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle.

"Before the first indictment you tried to coerce a guilty plea from Tom DeLay for a misdemeanor, stating the alternative was indictment for a felony which would require his stepping down as majority leader of the United States House of Representatives," DeGuerin wrote.

"He turned you down flat so you had him indicted, in spite of advice from others in your office that Tom DeLay had not committed any crime," the lawyer contended. "In short, neither lack of evidence nor lack of law has deterred you."

The stakes are high, but when Earle gave DeLay a chance to fold… Tom went “All In.”

Now, this game of “Texas Hold Em” is heating up. Either DeLay or Earle severely miscalculated, but either way, they are gambling with their personal and professional futures.

High Stakes Indeed


Ten Rounds With a Lefty (Actually Only 2 Before They Censored Me)

It's Long, But It's Worth It

Ok, this post is really nothing more than self serving… well, not quite, but it does fit that mold. I recently visited a blog site called Courting Destiny. Its author is left leaning and comments on various topics, including politics. I have read, and commented small amounts before, but never a serious visitor.

I read her post (non-politics related) called Electric Haired Chick; which really (while a very good piece of writing) amounted, in my estimation, to nothing more than an expression of self-indulgence and moral relativism. It expressed, in my estimation, a great deal of things that are wrong with the modern American left, and the generation that created it.

I posted a comment on it that did nothing more than express my opinion. This elicited an email from the author (along with a good deal of other comments from her other readers) that essentially told me I don’t know her good enough to “judge” her, and regardless of my attempts to emphasize that I did not intend a personal attack, it still was.

I wont post the email conversations, because I feel that email between bloggers is somewhat confidential. It is not done in the public forum, therefore is not intended for public disclosure. However, I have posted a replica of the comments HERE. (Will explain this in a minute)

This also elicited (what I vainly like to think of as) my very own post:
So you think I’m Superficial; do you really think I care?

This one was a long diatribe about why I was either wrong, clueless, or just a big dummy. Either way, I felt compelled to defend my statement, explain it further, and add in some more since obviously I was given yet more examples of the very point I was trying to make.

After a very long comment session by me (explaining my point rather well I think), I received a “warning shot” via comment, from her. Essentially saying I wasn’t welcome, I would be banned, and my comments deleted. To me, if I had used curse words, blatant name calling, or just senseless blabber; I would understand. But instead, I was left with the feeling that she did not want to deal with the issue that obviously struck a nerve, and would much rather keep company with the “Blue Goo” crowd she had attracted. Read that comment thread HERE

And all this if for...?

A.) Pia is obviously not comfortable with anyone who disagrees, yet puts her blog on the public forum? I am waving a B.S. flag on this one.
B.) Notice the obvious attempt at quick censorship to anything resembling intelligent discussion. I believe this is wrong, and won’t go silently.
C.) This is a fundamental fact of the ignorant far left. They do not enjoy operating in the market of ideas. They want a monopoly and captive audience, thus debate is squashed. I believe this is because their ideas do not stand up to debate. I have yet to be shown that I am wrong.

Please Trackback to this post with anything you would like to attach to it. And please drop in on Pia if you would like to "share your opinion". I warn you though. Do it quick, before she deletes your comments and/or blocks your access. All comments are welcome here, even if you are not supporting my position, I wont censor you.

Monday, October 17, 2005 

Iran Gets Long Range Missiles, From N. Korea, Through Russia (Uh-Oh)

( Telegraph) Former members of the Russian military have been secretly helping Iran to acquire technology needed to produce missiles capable of striking European capitals.

The Russians are acting as go-betweens with North Korea as part of a multi-million pound deal they negotiated between Teheran and Pyongyang in 2003. It has enabled Teheran to receive regular clandestine shipments of top secret missile technology, believed to be channelled through Russia.

Western intelligence officials believe that the technology will enable Iran to complete development of a missile with a range of 2,200 miles, capable of hitting much of Europe. It is designed to carry a 1.2-ton payload, sufficient for a basic nuclear device.

This raises so many questions we cannot even get into them all. But to me, the first couple that need to be answered are:

A.) Does this have anything to do with Russia’s (and China’s) resistance to Iran being referred to the UN Security Council?
B.) How does this play into the fears of Iran gaining nuclear technology?
C.) North Korea working with Iran through Russia brings up a global level conspiracy that directly violates the logic that North Korea is abiding by its treaties, Iran seeks nuclear power for only peaceful energy, and Russia is an innocent player. Will the naysayers still think the US is just being paranoid war-mongers?

Chinese curse: May You Live In Interesting Times


House of Cards? DeLay Prosecutor Lacks Claimed Evidence

AUSTIN (Houston Chronicle) - Travis County prosecutors admitted Friday they lack physical proof of a list of Republican candidates that is at the heart of money-laundering indictments against U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay and two of his associates.

Prosecutors said Friday in court that they only had a "similar" list and not the one allegedly received by then-RNC Deputy Director Terry Nelson. Late in the day, they released a list of 17 Republican candidates, but only seven are alleged to have received money in the scheme.

DeLay lawyers call it “McCarthy-like”:

"I'll tell you what I think about this list. In the 1950s, a man named McCarthy claimed to have a list of 200 communists in the State Department, and he didn't," said J.D. Pauerstein, a lawyer for Jim Ellis, the director of DeLay's Americans for a Republican Majority. "They (prosecutors) don't know what list they're talking about, even though they specify it in their indictment."

Is this a house or cards getting ready to fall? One thing is for sure, unlike many Republicans in the past, DeLay is not taking a passive stance on this issue, trusting his fate to the judicial system.

On his website, the front page displays an open letter from DeLay, to his supporters, outlining what he believes to be a partisan political attack. The letter (through a link) lists DeLay’s version of events, along with his alleged misconduct items:

Earle Asks for a "Do Over"
A Legal Analysis
Ronnie Earle One Pager
Ronnie Earle's Previous Misuse Of His Office
What Others Have Said About Ronnie Earle
The Timeline
Coming Soon: The Ronnie Earle Movie

Come one, Come all! The amazing circus that our elected officials and Washington have become is on full display!

Sunday, October 16, 2005 

Compare and Contrast, Who Is Intolerant? (Farrakhan Celebrated, Neo-Nazis Cause Riots?)

(AP) TOLEDO OH - A crowd protesting a white supremacists' march Saturday turned violent, throwing baseball-sized rocks at police, vandalizing vehicles and stores, and setting fire to a neighborhood bar, authorities said. […] When Mayor Jack Ford and a local minister tried to calm the rioting, they were cursed for allowing the march, and Ford said a masked gang member threatened to shoot him.

At least two dozen members of the National Socialist Movement, which calls itself "America's Nazi Party," had gathered at a city park to march under police protection. Organizers said they were demonstrating against black gangs they said were harassing white residents.

When the rioting began, Ford tried to negotiate with those involved, but "they weren't interested in that." He said people in the crowd swore at him and wanted to know why he was protecting the Nazis. […] They were mostly "gang members who had real or imagined grievances and took it as an opportunity to speak in their own way," Ford said. […] They were mostly "gang members who had real or imagined grievances and took it as an opportunity to speak in their own way," Ford said. "I was chagrined that there were obvious mothers and children in the crowd with them," he said.

Keith White, a black resident, criticized city officials for allowing the march in the first place.
"They let them come here and expect this not to happen?" said White, 29.

Meanwhile, the “Millions More March” (celebrating the anniversary of the “Million Man March”) did not elicit any protest of note, at least not enough to be reported in any media outlet.

Yet Farrakhan (the coordinator, creator, and feature speaker of the day) consistently carries a message as hate filled and vitriolic as any neo-Nazi or white supremacist (See “Unity, Not Farrakhan?”).

While I find the message of white supremacists morally reprehensible and utterly despicable, I am troubled by the fact that it is allowed by our society for their free speech rights to be violated, at the same time others of their ilk are celebrated. Where is the outrage by the media and society? Why are we accepting racism and intolerance by black leaders while we excuse riots over racist whites? Isn't it ALL wrong?

Saturday, October 15, 2005 

Reuters and Rove: Media Bias Exposed

Rove: Same story, two media outlets. One gives us most of the facts, the other, gives us only the facts they want us to know, but with a hearty helping of their opinion.

First (and similar reporting from AP):
President George W. Bush's top aide Karl Rove testified for a fourth time before a grand jury about the leaked identity of a CIA agent, which opponents call politically motivated. […]

"The special counsel has not advised Mr. Rove that he is a target of the investigation and affirmed that he has made no decision concerning charges," Rove's attorney Robert Luskin said in a statement.

"The special counsel has indicated that he does not anticipate the need for Mr. Rove's further cooperation," the statement said.

Then from Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, testified at length on Friday for a fourth time before a grand jury investigating the leak of a covert CIA operative's identity, as prosecutors neared a decision on whether to bring charges.

Friday's testimony appeared to be Rove's last opportunity to convince grand jurors that he did nothing illegal following the disclosure that he had spoken to two reporters about CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband, despite earlier White House denials.
(Pure speculation inserted as if it was fact here)

Prosecutors have told Rove, the most powerful and controversial political strategist in Washington, that they can not guarantee that he would not be indicted.

But the whole part about Mr. Fitzgerald not indicating that Rove is a target, and they shouldn’t need any more of his cooperation doest show up in the Reuters story until the very end… which you have to click an extra link to find (after you've read every condemning opinion of the author).

My only questions are:
A.) Why Reuters cannot seem to report facts and let us make up our own mind?
B.) Why no other media outlets hold Reuters accountable for reporting opinion instead of fact?

Friday, October 14, 2005 

Full Steam Ahead (No Backing Down On Miers)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Thursday dismissed critics of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers who want her to withdraw from consideration amid new questions about her conservative credentials.

Spokesman Scott McClellan signaled full steam ahead with the Miers nomination, saying the White House lawyer had begun filling out a questionnaire required by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will consider her nomination, and hoped to turn it in early next week.

The President either looks weak and pandering to his base, or he looks weak and pandering to his opposition. Either way, he looks like a dummy with this nomination. What happened to the “council of Senate and House leaders?” I still think my nomination suggestion of Judge Judy should be considered. She has more credentials that Ms. Miers.

Everyone, watch at what paining yourself into a corner looks like.


Hillary Romancing Left Again (Using Ellen DeGeneres)

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) - Ellen DeGeneres will get a fancy tour guide when the she takes her talk show to New York City next month. New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton agreed to show DeGeneres around town during the comedian's Thanksgiving Week visit.

Look far left… she friendly to gay people too! She isn’t a sell out, really!

I wonder when she will go back to the right?


Have a Nice Hot Cup Of Media Bias In the Morning

WASHINGTON (AP) -- It was billed as a conversation with U.S. troops, but the questions President Bush asked on a teleconference call Thursday were choreographed to match his goals for the war in Iraq and Saturday's vote on a new Iraqi constitution.

This “story” tries to “expose” such heinous crimes as Allison Barber (Asst. Def Sec) telling the soldiers to take deep breaths and relax.

She then had the gall to coordinate what order the military members would answer questions in (after Capt. Kennedy answers, he gives the mike to Capt. Smith).

Never once did Barber tell them anything about WHAT to answer, which is the headline premise of the article.

Just for good measure, they got a quote from Paul Rieckhoff, director of Operation Truth (An OIF/OEF Veterans advocacy group) saying that it wasn’t good enough because “If he wants the real opinions of the troops, he can't do it in a nationally televised teleconference, he needs to be talking to the boots on the ground and that's not a bunch of captains.”

Last time I checked, the group had only five officers (out of 10 people), and not all were captains (which is a first line supervisor role in the military). Would Paul be happy if he went to Iraq, again?

I love the smell of Media bias in the morning.


My Subpoena Is Bigger Than Yours (DeLay and Earle Back At It)

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A Texas prosecutor subpoenaed records
for the home telephone of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and the phone of his political campaign Thursday.
This of course after DeLay’s lawyers subpoenaed Earle to testify about his “misconduct.”

So now, three years into the investigation, and after the indictment, suddenly Earle needs more evidence? I smell a “poena” contest here. Does anyone else see this on the verge of ridiculous?

I wonder if they are getting “poena” envy?

Thursday, October 13, 2005 

Schroeder Accepts Defeat (But Attacks US and UK?)

How do you defend Socialism? Ask Gerhard Schroeder. In his speech finally accepting defeat, he makes some pointed comments about America and the UK

(Reuters) Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who has led Germany since 1998 (into an economic pit), said for the first time on Wednesday he would not play a role in the next government, in an emotional farewell including broadsides at the United States and Britain.

He gets teary eyed, then: He quickly composed himself, hitting his stride in a passionate defense of a strong German state and lashing out at "Anglo-Saxon" economic policies favoured in Britain and the United States, which he said had "no chance" in Europe.

Now, the part where he tries some fear mongering to keep socialism alive:

In an apparent reference to Hurricane Katrina, Schroeder castigated Washington for liberal, hands-off policies that left it exposed in times of crisis. "I do not want to name any catastrophes where you can see what happens if organised state action is absent. I could name countries, but the position I still hold forbids it, but everyone knows I mean America,"

So Mr. Schroeder, if we allow the citizenry to run themselves, and keep the government limited, we are all destined to suffer from massive (insert natural disaster) damage? You obviously put more faith in the ability of government than you do the masses (Marx Anyone?).

Now, just in case any of you have missed the big picture for the last 5 years. Germany, France, and Russia have being working solidly against us in just about every foreign relations endeavor. But hey, lets let Gerhard answer that one for us:

Blair has urged European Union countries to cut back state influence on the economy, running into fierce opposition from both Schroeder and his ally, French President Jacques Chirac. Schroeder stressed the importance of the Franco-German link in his speech, saying it was crucial for the defense of Europe's social model.

Obviously the French and Germans have an agenda that does not include a strong, democratic, capitalist United States or United Kingdom, but does include the rise of socialism. But I’m sure that had NOTHING to do with their strong opposition to the US foreign policies.


$$$ Money Money Money $$$ (Politicians On Campaign)

SCOTCH PLAINS, N.J (AP) . - The two millionaires vying to be New Jersey's next governor have used a combined $45 million of their personal fortunes for their campaigns, making it the most expensive gubernatorial race in state history.

Democrat Jon Corzine, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, spent nearly $4 million of his own money during the primary race, and he was unopposed. For the general election, Corzine has spent $19.5 million of his own wealth, according to reports made public Wednesday by the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Forrester, the Republican co-owner of BeneCard Services Inc., a prescription drug company, spent $11.2 million in his primary race against six opponents. For the general election, he has lent himself $10.5 million.

Money well spent! This way, the poor folks will really know who is looking out for them. And I bet that Forrester will make sure those prescription drug costs come down now, after he threw all that money in another deceptive ad campaign.

Our priorities are not what they should be.


Big Trouble in Big China (Wealth Gap Grows, And Currency Value Wont?)

BEIJING (AP) - China's finance minister on Thursday rejected U.S. pressure for a quick end to currency controls, saying ahead of a visit by his American counterpart that Beijing will move at its own pace.

Combine this, with another story about the critical level of wealth disparity in China:

(Epoch Times) The wealthiest 10 percent of China's urban households now own 45 percent of the urban wealth while the poorest 10 percent have less than 1.4 percent, Chinese statistics show. […] The newspaper of the Communist Party's premier cadre training ground, the Central Party School, reported recently that the wealth disparity had reached the "yellow" warning level and could become a "red" danger within five years. "Social contradictions" are on the rise, it warned.

“Social Contradictions”… that is a cute term for your entire population seeing that Socialism is a big lie.

Get to Wal-Mart and buy up those cheap Chinese goods now, because their low production costs are not going to last too much longer. If the currency increase doesn’t come, larger worker salaries will.


Gore Is Not Running in 08, But If He Was. . . (More Gore Time!)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Former Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday he had no intention of ever running for president again, but he said the United States would be "a different country" if he had won the 2000 election, launching into a scathing attack of the Bush administration.

But, if he were to run… here are the things he would do different…

"We would not have invaded a country that didn't attack us," he said, referring to Iraq. "We would not have taken money from the working families and given it to the most wealthy families."

I Read: Like when Clinton bombed Iraq? Or how about Bosnia? And Exactly how do you choose a country when your enemy is an organization (Al Qaeda)? And you would have taken money from the rich and given it to the poor? Either one is stealing, and still wrong, isn’t it?

"We would not be trying to control and intimidate the news media. We would not be routinely torturing people," Gore said. "We would be a different country."

I Read: We would have the news media on our side, like they were for 8 years (under Clinton), and a still are. This would give us the ability to appear “cooperative”. And instead of "torture", we would spend your tax dollars in lengthy trials on non-citizens that have ill intent towards our nation. This would result in millions of your dollars gone, and no real effect. But, Europe would like us more, and who cares if our enemies are not scared of us?

"There were specific warnings that the levees might break," he said. "But for whatever reason those warnings were not acted upon in a timely way."

I Read: Those warning were ignored by Bush Sr. for 4 years. They were ignored by Clinton for another 8 years. They were then ignored by Bush Jr for 5 more years. Oh yeah, and the Mayors of New Orleans along with the Governors of Louisianna all ignored it for those years too. BUT, if I were the President, things would have been different. Remember, I invented the Internet….

Mr. Gore sure is enjoying making buddies with Europe, and spouting off from the cheap seats. It’s not about what you say you would do Al, but what you did when you were in a position to influence the decision making process. That track record is slightly different from this one you are trying to imply.


Bush: Her Religion is Part of Her Life (But It Was Not a Litmus Test?)

(Breitbart) President Bush said Wednesday his advisers were telling conservatives about Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers' religious beliefs because they are interested in her background and "part of Harriet Miers' life is her religion."

"People are interested to know why I picked Harriet Miers," Bush told reporters at the White House. "They want to know Harriet Miers' background. They want to know as much as they possibly can before they form opinions. And part of Harriet Miers' life is her religion."

I don’t know about you, but this sure sounds like a religious nomination to me. Would everyone that is currently supporting him be just as supportive if we had a Muslim president, and they nominated a clearly unqualified person who was a “devote Muslim”?

Better yet, does the President really think any of us do not see through the thinly veiled plea for support from the right by saying her religion is “part of her life”? I think we all understand what you mean Mr. Bush, but anyone with some intellectual honesty will still think she is not qualified. Strong faith in God does not instantly qualify someone for the highest court.


Kerry In 08! (The Sequel Is Never As Good)

BOSTON (AP) - Sen. Ted Kennedy said Wednesday he would back fellow Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 — even if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton also pursues a White House bid. "If he runs, I would support him," Kennedy told The Associated Press in an interview at his Boston office
Early polling shows Clinton and Kerry among the favorites for their party's nomination in 2008, but neither has said for sure whether they'll run.

Perseverance – “Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose; steadfastness.” (

Stupid – “Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes” (

I report, you decide.


Culture of Corruption (Or Does That Only Apply if You Have a R Next To Your Name?)

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C (AP) . - Former Rep. Frank Ballance (D-NC) was sentenced Wednesday to four years in federal prison for conspiring to divert taxpayer money to his law firm and family through a charitable organization he helped start.

According to a 51-page indictment, Ballance channeled $2.3 million in state money from 1994 to 2003 to the nonprofit foundation he operated to help poor people fight drug and alcohol abuse

Is this more of Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s “Culture of Corruption”? Notice the lack of press coverage and attention by leading Democrats on this case. Either you are against corruption or you are not, but the letter next to the name shouldn’t play a part.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

China, Socialist Justice In Action

(Epoch Times) A witness said on the Internet, “The policemen there today beat up everyone, men, women, old, and young, without mercy. These are definitely no “people’s police”. I am unable to describable the scene of police brutality that I saw, it is absolutely beyond what you can imagine. They were simply cruel, and they were simply bandits!”

“I saw with my own eyes that dozens of policemen surrounded an over 60 year-old lady, struck and kicked her, and within seconds the old lady fell down on the ground motionless. This occurred only because she said a few words scolding the police.” I was not sure if she was dead or alive.

An insider said, that around 7:00 am on October 7, approximately 3,000 policemen entered the Shuangbei Garden, as nearly 10,000 workers gathered. After a stalemate for a period of time, the police started arresting the workers’ delegates, and an intense struggle occurred, during which the two elderly ladies were killed.

Boys and Girls, welcome to yet more wonders of Socialism. China, our friend and neighbor.