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Thursday, October 13, 2005 

Schroeder Accepts Defeat (But Attacks US and UK?)

How do you defend Socialism? Ask Gerhard Schroeder. In his speech finally accepting defeat, he makes some pointed comments about America and the UK

(Reuters) Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who has led Germany since 1998 (into an economic pit), said for the first time on Wednesday he would not play a role in the next government, in an emotional farewell including broadsides at the United States and Britain.

He gets teary eyed, then: He quickly composed himself, hitting his stride in a passionate defense of a strong German state and lashing out at "Anglo-Saxon" economic policies favoured in Britain and the United States, which he said had "no chance" in Europe.

Now, the part where he tries some fear mongering to keep socialism alive:

In an apparent reference to Hurricane Katrina, Schroeder castigated Washington for liberal, hands-off policies that left it exposed in times of crisis. "I do not want to name any catastrophes where you can see what happens if organised state action is absent. I could name countries, but the position I still hold forbids it, but everyone knows I mean America,"

So Mr. Schroeder, if we allow the citizenry to run themselves, and keep the government limited, we are all destined to suffer from massive (insert natural disaster) damage? You obviously put more faith in the ability of government than you do the masses (Marx Anyone?).

Now, just in case any of you have missed the big picture for the last 5 years. Germany, France, and Russia have being working solidly against us in just about every foreign relations endeavor. But hey, lets let Gerhard answer that one for us:

Blair has urged European Union countries to cut back state influence on the economy, running into fierce opposition from both Schroeder and his ally, French President Jacques Chirac. Schroeder stressed the importance of the Franco-German link in his speech, saying it was crucial for the defense of Europe's social model.

Obviously the French and Germans have an agenda that does not include a strong, democratic, capitalist United States or United Kingdom, but does include the rise of socialism. But I’m sure that had NOTHING to do with their strong opposition to the US foreign policies.