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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

Hollywood Donates For Hillary (Gear Up For the 2008 Race She Isnt Interested In)

(Variety.com) For someone who's not running for the White House, Hillary Clinton will certainly look like a presidential contender Thursday as she embarks on a swing through Hollywood.

Events include a $500-per-person reception at the home of Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner and a $1,000-per-person brunch hosted by film producers Bruce Cohen and Dan JinksDan Jinks. Television producer Marta Kauffman will also welcome Clinton to her home for a fund-raiser.
"Certainly she hasn't announced yet, and she's probably not decided yet, either," said Cohen, who also hosted a fund-raiser for Clinton's 2000 Senate run. "The immediate task for her supporters here is to win re-election. That's what everyone is focused on."

Oh come on people. She is fundraising for the New York Senate seat... in California? We know this is prep for 2008. This has the same feel as the stage magician: Watch this hand, nothing up the sleeveā€¦