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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

DeLay and Earle: Guilty as Charged (In the Court of Public Opinion)

(Breitbart) Indicted Rep. Tom DeLay's defense team tried Tuesday to serve Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle with a subpoena, but Earle refused to accept it, DeLay lawyer Dick DeGuerin said.
Alleging misconduct with grand jurors, the defense team wants to compel Earle to explain his behavior.

DeGuerin said acceptance of the subpoena was voluntary Tuesday because it had not been stamped by a court official, but added the defense team would go through the court procedure Wednesday and redeliver it. He said Earle, district attorney for Travis County, would then be obligated to accept the subpoena, but could file a motion to have it dismissed.

I read this story as: “See Mr. Earle, and all you Democrats, we can play the guilty until proven innocent game too. Now Ronnie is charged with misconduct in the court of public opinion.”

How many of you Democrats assume that DeLay is guilty, regardless of a trial yet? How many of you Republicans assume Earle is guilty, regardless of anything aside from accusations yet?