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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 

News Flash: Humans Cannot Control Nature!

(Washingtonpost.com) WASHINGTON -- In a more hopeful time, buoyed by the promise of science, it was thought hurricanes could be tricked into dispersing, earthquakes could be disarmed by nuclear explosions and floodwaters held at bay by great mounds of dirt. The planet's controlling forces romp over dreams like those. Usually the best that can be done is to see the danger coming long enough to run.
Rich and poor nations have taken the hit over a period so twisted in nature's assaults that one month, rich is helping poor and the next, poor is helping rich as best it can, and then the poor gets slammed once again.

I look at this article and wonder at the immense egotism our society (globally) has. The fact that we actually assume a failure upon ourselves because we cannot control the forces of nature that have existed for billions of years before us is appalling enough. But to now be surprised that we don’t have these miraculous powers is utterly astounding.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

After World War II, nothing seemed too far-fetched for science, not once the atom was split and, again, not once men stepped on the moon.

The belief persists that humans will someday be able to dial up a thunderstorm at will, tweak the jet stream to avoid floods and starve a tornado of its energy once it starts spinning.

News Flash: Humans cannot control the earth! But be careful, because we are of course causing all these calamities, even if our science has failed to show how we could possibly control it.

Logic question: How are humans causing hurricanes to get worse by accident (global warming), if we cannot cause them to get worse, or better, on purpose? This entire article highlighted our inability to control anything on the planet. Yet we are suddenly causing its doom?