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Monday, October 10, 2005 

7.6 Destruction Horror, Tens of Thousands Dead, Aid Hard to Supply

The earthquake struck Saturday morning as schools were beginning classes

(Breitbart) Rescuers were struggling to reach the mountains of northeast Pakistan where thousands of cold and wet earthquake survivors spent a second night in the open, as the death toll rose to nearly 20,000.

"Our town has been turned into a heap of rubble and so many people have died but there is absolutely no help in the past two days," said Mohammad Zaheer, a survivor in the shattered town of Balakot

"Everything is destroyed. The ground shook and took everything down," said Syad Hassan, pointing toward the peaks surrounding the valley road.

"We survived the earthquake but now we realize we will die of hunger and cold."

(AP) Angry villagers blocked roads in earthquake-ravaged regions of Indian- controlled Kashmir on Sunday, complaining the government was too slow in getting rescue and aid efforts to them.

The United States it had provided 50 million dollars in initial aid. The World Bank offered 20 million dollars while the Asian Development Bank pledged 10 million dollars.

Tens of thousands dead. I hope the world can come together to help as many as possible. There is only so much the limited means of the Pakistani and Indian governments can do alone. God Bless Them.