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Friday, October 07, 2005 

Sierra Club Says: Gas Prices Too High, Whatever!

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Republican measure to help the oil industry make more gasoline and perhaps ease prices at the pump, faces a close vote in the House after critics - from the Sierra Club to state and local officials - complained it would lead to more air pollution and could force communities to accept unwanted refineries.

It doesn’t matter what happens, the Enviros do not seem to understand the rather precarious position they are in right now. Fight this, and you will see your support trickle down to only the most devoted greens.

We need more gas. The reason we are in this problem is because of their policies that have handicapped our gasoline production. Oil has now dropped below $60 a barrel (futures rose slightly again and hover at $62/barrel), and yet the pump prices stay high. Thanks Sierra Club, we appreciate your support in this trying time.