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Thursday, October 06, 2005 

Conflict of Interests? (Wi-Fi to Be Offered to All by Philly)

(Breitbart) Philadelphia is set to become America's largest municipal wireless Internet hot-spot, after city officials inked a deal for a vast broadband umbrella with Internet service provider Earthlink.

The 135 square mile (350 square kilometer) network is set to be up and running late next year, and will offer wireless Internet service to low income customers for as little as 10 dollars. Regular rates will be around 20 dollars.

This just seems a bit spooky to me. Now the government will have a direct hand into an entire cities access to the internet. They will be able to control all the information in, and out of the city. What will happen when all the citizens of this city transfer over to Earthlink’s service, run by the government? Wont this be a conflict in interests as the municipal authorities will essentially be legalizing and supporting a monopoly? What happens when they raise the rates? No competition will be able to keep them in check.

Come one, come all, and watch the slow creep of socialization in America. (See also “Basic Necessities Per CA Mayor”