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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

Watch Out, She is Born Again (SCOTUS Nominee Changed Politics When She Found Jesus)

(NY Times) "She decided that she wanted faith to be a bigger part of her life," Justice Hecht, who now serves on the Texas Supreme Court, said in an interview. "One evening she called me to her office and said she was ready to make a commitment" to accept Jesus Christ as her savior and be born again, he said. He walked down the hallway from his office to hers, and there amid the legal briefs and court papers, Ms. Miers and Justice Hecht "prayed and talked," he said.

This was when she went from Democrat to Republican. Uh-oh, she is born again, and that means she must be evil and want to roll back all civil rights!

Seriously though, how many in the far left will see this as a serious threat, and thus force their Dem leadership to jump off the cliff to oppose her? At the same time, this could be a serious turning point. As every acknowledgement of God is being attacked in our Federal and local governments, can someone who has openly changed her life due to religion be confirmed?

If Dems do protest her, what will be the basis? Can they afford to essentially draw the line in the sand over religion?