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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Strikes in France Only Hurt Tax Payers

PARIS (AP) - Commuters packed into the few trains and buses still running and flights through Paris airports were canceled Tuesday as a broad one-day strike to protest the government's economic and labor policies disrupted transportation across France. […]Union organizers were hoping for a nationwide count of 1.5 million marchers in all. […]French media spoke of a "Black Tuesday" and schools closed as teachers stayed off the job. […] While some grumbled, many commuters at Paris' Saint-Lazare station, arriving on packed trains from the suburbs, said despite the inconvenience they supported the broad-based one-day walkout to defend jobs, salaries and labor rights.

Keep in mind that Frances unemployment rate sits now at 9.6 % for August of 2005. I wonder if they will ever figure out that these same Unions help usher in this new era? Should you have Unions in socialized (i.e. State owned) industries?

Now French Tax payers are going to suffer for the strike, and pay more to get rid of it. Outstanding Socialism.