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Monday, October 03, 2005 

Report Commission by Sec of Defense Blames Iraq for Katrina Relief

(Independent Online) Relief efforts to combat Hurricane Katrina suffered near catastrophic failures due to endemic corruption, divisions within the military and troop shortages caused by the Iraq war, an official American inquiry into the disaster has revealed.

The report was commissioned by the Office of Secretary of Defence as an "independent and critical review" […]The document was compiled by Stephen Henthorne, a former professor of the US Army's War College and an adviser to the Pentagon who was a deputy-director in the Louisiana relief efforts.

Aside from attacking General Michael D Barbero (Commander of Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, LA), and chewing on him for doing his job (looking out for the welfare and well-being of the facility and personnel under his charge), two important pieces were listed from the report:

It charts how "corruption and mismanagement within the New Orleans city government" had "diverted money earmarked for improving flood protection to other, more vote-getting, projects. And: "Another major factor in the delayed response to the hurricane aftermath was that the bulk of the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guard was deployed in Iraq.

However, this conflicts with earlier reports that only 30% of the state’s national guard were deployed, and that on a fraction of the requested money for levees was approved by congress. And still, I could not find the link “caused by the Iraq War” in this whole article. Perhaps further inspection and coverage of this report will reveal more.