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Friday, September 30, 2005 

White House Racism… From a Black Cabinet Member?

(Washington Times) A Bush Cabinet officer (Alphonso R. Jackson, secretary of housing and urban development,) predicted this week that New Orleans likely will never again be a majority black city, and several black officials are outraged.

Mr. Jackson, a former developer and longtime government housing official, said the history of urban reconstruction projects shows that most blacks will not return and others who want to might not have the means or opportunity. His agency will play a critical role in the city's redevelopment through various grant programs, including those for damaged or destroyed properties.

And of course:

Rep. Danny K. Davis, Illinois Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, quickly took issue […] Other members of the caucus said the comments by Mr. Jackson, who is black, could be misconstrued as a goal, particularly considering his position of responsibility in the administration.

To see what the real worry is:

Two weeks after Katrina, the Congressional Black Caucus issued an eight-point action plan that calls for residents to get the first right of return to the area, that New Orleans residents get first choice of construction jobs and rebuilding contracts and that voting rights be protected.

Why is it, that even a black man cannot not state the obvious if it specifies black people in any way, with out the activist groups immediately raising their hackels. To act like there are not some obvious corrilations that can be made by statistics involving race is to deny reality. Is this more of the “Reality Based Community?” But then again, I think we know this more about the votes that might be lost/gained in that area.