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Thursday, October 20, 2005 

Your Tax Dollars At Work, Helping Impotent Men Everywhere!

WASHINGTON (AP) - It took a hurricane to do it, but Congress has finally ended federal subsidies for users of Viagra and other sexual performance drugs.

The Senate on Wednesday passed without debate and sent to the president legislation that ends Medicare and Medicaid payments for erectile dysfunction drugs as part of a package that extends medical help for the poor and provides unemployment benefit aid to states hit by Hurricane Katrina.

these programs recognizes that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for certain lifestyle prescription drugs through Medicare and Medicaid."

You think? How exactly did we ever get to this point to begin with? I would like to see the proposal that proposed including impotency drugs be included into Medicare. I would like to see who signed it. I would like to know which pharmaceuticals company lobbyist talked them into this. Finally, I would like to see the campaign contributions from these pharmaceuticals companies, and who they went to.