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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

Their Work Done In America, The Liberal Machine Turns Its Eye On Canada

Canada, now you too can enjoy the benefits of liberal and “progressive” culture killers imposed upon you by politicians:

First, Multiculturalism:
TORONTO (AP) - Former President Clinton asked an audience of Canadian business executives to help end child poverty and terrorism by embracing the outside world and its many religions.

Then Environmental Restrictions:
Clinton named global warming as another looming threat to the planet and called on the audience to demand that their government explore more alternative energy sources.

Finally, the Coup de Gras of “Political Correctness” and “Entitlement”:
Clinton told the predominantly white audience they must reach out to other races, ethnic groups and religions. He said terrorists would continue to be fueled by fear and resentment that better opportunities were closed off to them.

What’s worse, these “businessmen” paid Bill to teach them how to commit national and economic suicide:
The audience of mostly business executives paid $335 to $1,100 to hear the 42nd U.S. president speak.

Just think of the Smurf’s theme song as the “Blue Goo” march continues now through Canada.