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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 

Ten Rounds With a Lefty (Actually Only 2 Before They Censored Me)

It's Long, But It's Worth It

Ok, this post is really nothing more than self serving… well, not quite, but it does fit that mold. I recently visited a blog site called Courting Destiny. Its author is left leaning and comments on various topics, including politics. I have read, and commented small amounts before, but never a serious visitor.

I read her post (non-politics related) called Electric Haired Chick; which really (while a very good piece of writing) amounted, in my estimation, to nothing more than an expression of self-indulgence and moral relativism. It expressed, in my estimation, a great deal of things that are wrong with the modern American left, and the generation that created it.

I posted a comment on it that did nothing more than express my opinion. This elicited an email from the author (along with a good deal of other comments from her other readers) that essentially told me I don’t know her good enough to “judge” her, and regardless of my attempts to emphasize that I did not intend a personal attack, it still was.

I wont post the email conversations, because I feel that email between bloggers is somewhat confidential. It is not done in the public forum, therefore is not intended for public disclosure. However, I have posted a replica of the comments HERE. (Will explain this in a minute)

This also elicited (what I vainly like to think of as) my very own post:
So you think I’m Superficial; do you really think I care?

This one was a long diatribe about why I was either wrong, clueless, or just a big dummy. Either way, I felt compelled to defend my statement, explain it further, and add in some more since obviously I was given yet more examples of the very point I was trying to make.

After a very long comment session by me (explaining my point rather well I think), I received a “warning shot” via comment, from her. Essentially saying I wasn’t welcome, I would be banned, and my comments deleted. To me, if I had used curse words, blatant name calling, or just senseless blabber; I would understand. But instead, I was left with the feeling that she did not want to deal with the issue that obviously struck a nerve, and would much rather keep company with the “Blue Goo” crowd she had attracted. Read that comment thread HERE

And all this if for...?

A.) Pia is obviously not comfortable with anyone who disagrees, yet puts her blog on the public forum? I am waving a B.S. flag on this one.
B.) Notice the obvious attempt at quick censorship to anything resembling intelligent discussion. I believe this is wrong, and won’t go silently.
C.) This is a fundamental fact of the ignorant far left. They do not enjoy operating in the market of ideas. They want a monopoly and captive audience, thus debate is squashed. I believe this is because their ideas do not stand up to debate. I have yet to be shown that I am wrong.

Please Trackback to this post with anything you would like to attach to it. And please drop in on Pia if you would like to "share your opinion". I warn you though. Do it quick, before she deletes your comments and/or blocks your access. All comments are welcome here, even if you are not supporting my position, I wont censor you.