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Monday, October 24, 2005 

Is the Curtain Falling on the CCP?

All is not well in China these days. With the booming economy ushered in by capitalism, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is beginning to feel the first effects of a social revolution.

(Epoch Times) The publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party by The Epoch Times near the end of last year triggered a large and rapidly growing number of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since that time, mainland Chinese have used every possible method of communication to declare their “three withdrawals”—resignations from the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers (both affiliates of the CCP).

(Epoch Times) "Tuidang! Tuidang!" yells the crowd and the man on the microphone, in call and response. What is this Tuidang? It is a Chinese word referring to renouncing all affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 5 million people have quit the CCP over the past year, and on Saturday in San Francisco those with lightened consciences encouraged more to do so.

Overseas, the CCP has resorted to wide-scale telephone harassment of Falun Gong practitioners. Within China, the party has issued threats and committed various forms of persecution against citizens who have quit the party. Falun Gong practitioners who spread the Nine Commentaries and help people quit the party are especially targeted. Acts such as police abductions, searching homes, confiscating possessions, dismissal from work, forced labor, jail time, and in some cases, even murder, have created a climate of state terror.

(Epoch Times) Activists, unfazed by Saturday’s dreary weather, marched with signs, banners, flags, and drums in Queen’s Chinatown. The chants in Chinese, and sometimes English, included statements like “Only without the Communist Party can there be a new China!” [in response to the five million that quit the CCP since Nov 2004].

The Epoch Times is the only media source I have found that is taking an active role against Communist China, and openly discredits their rhetoric and exposes their tyranny. The CCP’s iron grip is failing. Our government needs to take a more active and aggressive role to help the Chinese people from under the burden of the CCP.