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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

What do Iran, China, and Russia All Have In Common?

(Reuters) - A European Union drive to haul Iran before the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear plans was in jeopardy on Wednesday following stiff opposition from Russia and China, which warned against escalating the standoff with Tehran. Of note: Russia is building a $1 billion nuclear reactor for Iran and sees it as a key ally in the Middle East. (Hat Tip to _H_ at Terrorism News for the tipoff)

Well, the triangle is now complete. My crystal ball says we are seeing the new Warsaw Pact form itself to rival us pesky Westerners. Iran and Russia have the oil and other resources, while China has the man power and the weapons (and industrial infrastructure).

With the developments in North Korea (China is the new “Peace Keeper”), China now has its borders secured to the north with Russia, the West with Iran, and the East with North Korea. All they need to do is lock down Taiwan and Japan, and things are set.

But nevermind all this stuff, Bush and his oil buddies have to go!