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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

CNN Still In Love With Europe (Contrast In Reports of SAS Break Out in Basra)

British troops storm Iraqi prison... hours after hate mob sets soldiers ablaze. Ten British tanks smashed down the walls of an Iraqi jail last night to free two SAS men. Around 150 Iraqi prisoners also fled in the rescue, which was backed by helicopters. The undercover SAS soldiers were arrested in a shoot-out with police in Basra. (Mirror)

What in the world is going on with this one? I don't disagree with them breaking out their SAS guys, especially if they felt that there wouldn't be a release before the "angry mob" turned out to be a "lynch mob". But the way this went down sounds like something out of the "old West".

This story is getting posted because the way it was reported in the UK is one story, but the way it was reported by CNN shows how in love with Europe our mainstream media is:
"British forces in Iraq are patrolling a tense city after a UK armored vehicle escorted by a tank crashed into a detention center in Basra and later rescued two undercover troops apparently held by Shia militia. " (CNN)

The difference? In the Mirror story, it was "Basra police" and ten tanks with helicopter support, in the CNN story they were "rescued" from "Shia Militia" and only one tank with one armored vehicle. Slight difference there, why don't they put that same spin on things our military does?