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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Iran and Israel Clash at UN over Nukes (kids fighting in the sandbox again)

(AFP) Israel and Iran clashed at the UN General Assembly, accusing each other of threatening Middle East and world peace with their respective nuclear programs.

In the Red Corner: "I call on them to stop this evil regime (Tehran) from acquiring nuclear weapons," Shalom told assembly members, referring to the IAEA governors. "The security and stability of the entire globe is at stake."

In the Blue Corner: "This (Israeli) regime should face a united front and must be kept under continuing pressure to relinquish its nuclear program and place all its nuclear facilities under international monitoring,"

This reminds me of a very large, and much more dangerous version, of two kids in the sand box:

“Take it back”
“No You take it back”
“No You take it back, I said it first”
“No You….”