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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

Iran Says it Will Remember Who Referred Them To IAEA in Oil Sales

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran warned the West on Tuesday it would start uranium enrichment -- which can be used to make atomic bombs -- and review its membership of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if sent to the U.N. Security Council.

Larijani also said the world's fourth biggest oil producer would link its stance on foreign countries' access to its energy resources to whether they stood with Iran on its nuclear plans.

Supreme National Security Council spokesman Ali Aghamohammadi said Larijani's comments were intended as a warning to those drafting a resolution against Iran at the IAEA board meeting.

They sure are making a big deal out this for someone who says they have nothing to hide. They have now effectively said that if they are referred to the IAEA, they will cut oil sales to the West, and start making bombs openly.

So we either let them build bombs secretly, or they will just do it anyways, and then keep there oil. Interesting developments here, and I’m sure there are more are to come.