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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Sec. State Rice on Iran (In All Her Condescending Glory)

(AFP) - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stressed Iran's international isolation, saying no one trusts Tehran on nuclear issues, in an interview. […] "Their problem is they can argue all they want about their rights are. The problem is they've gotten into a situation in which nobody believes it is safe for them to exercise those rights, if indeed they have those rights,"

One step forward.... eight steps back. The US finally has gained the moral high ground, and has international support for its stance on an issue, and Condi can't just shut up.

First off, are you implying that anyone in the world is trusting America right now? Second, who exactly are we to decide if it is "safe" for another country to exercise their rights? Third, who are we to decide exactly which rights another nation has or doesn’t have?

This whole thing is dripping with the condescending tone and “superiority complex” attitude that has become the major handicap of the United States.