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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 

Political Parties Polluted by Pandering Pocket Pickers (say that 3x fast).

I commented one time on a blog called “After Downing Street”: a very liberal site dedicated to making sure Bush doesn’t win in ’08 (yes, I’m being sarcastic). By doing so, apparently I’ve signed myself up for their newsletter, which I receive periodically via email. I usually read with amusement at the zany antics these guys are planning, and the usual rants that jump off into the abyss of irrational.


This last one I received, along with my previous post about Lieberman, made me seriously question the future plausibility of the Democratic Party, and their role in politics. It seems to me that the entire Party has abandoned their former insistence on social reform, civil liberties, economic vitalization, and domestic elevations and qualities. Instead, these have all been replaced, entirely, with a campaign against President Bush. Yet I also suspect there are some ulterior motives involved here.

There are many avenues that are taken to attack him (he’s left so many open to his opponents), but most directly is the war in Iraq. There is the accusation that he intentionally lied to get into a war, the accusation that he only went to war to line the pockets of the “rich”, the accusation that he authorized torture and secret prisons, the accusation that he violated constitutional privacies in attempts to spy on Americans, etc.

But this apparently wasn’t good enough. So, Congressman John Conyers (D. MI) wrote a “report” citing specific laws that he has broken (26 to be exact). All this can be yours if you just buy the book (oh, and please do so it can “head to the best seller list”). Then of course there is the request to “call your local media and ask them to cover the book”, since it seems so baffling that the mainstream media is not covering it (they seriously wonder this stuff?). Either way, what’s important is that you BUY THE BOOK.

Next the agenda is moved to “Camp Democracy”! This apparently is compared with the likes of popular uprisings in the Ukraine, Mexico, and hence inferred to be a semi-revolution:

“At long last, Americans are preparing to say “Enough is enough,” and to do what Ukrainians, Mexicans or any other people not drugged into acquiescence would do when things got this bad: occupy the capital city to demand peace, justice, and accountability.”

Now, I’m not sure, but I don’t think any other “popular uprisings” required you to sign up for ride sharing, room sharing, flight sharing, or any other quaint ways to try and help people show up. Also, how are you going to “occupy the capital” by staying in local hotels? To occupy the capital, you need to actually stay in the capital, not just the metro area… but I guess that is beside the point.

Of course, after all these great ideas and nice tag lines about Mexico and the Ukraine, about freedom wrested back from the clutches of the evil Bush, and about Cindy Sheehan’s Camp Casey being moved there comes the inevitable:

We Need Your Help!

Camp Democracy is a grassroots effort and will only succeed with the help of many, many people contributing the small amounts they can afford. This is our opportunity to do what the citizens of the Ukraine, of Mexico, and of other countries do when their democracies are taken from them….

What? Go gather under tents, listen to Cindy Sheehan, Joan Baez, and some little known Democratic Politician up for election this year? Play music, eat food, and take up all the hotels in the DC area? That isn’t quite what people who’s “democracies are taken from them” do. However, I’ll make sure to remember to “contribute the small amount” I can afford.

So bottom line, you too can be like disgruntled Mexicans, just make sure to contribute via the links provided, and buy the book. Oh, and call your media, because those guys forgot a revolution was underway again. Is this really about "freedom", or is this about buying books and funding political agendas?