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Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Tired of Matt Drudge? Try the Fudge Report (The Title Confirms the Content)

The Democratic Senatorial Committee has launched a replica website trying to counter the success of the infamous Drudge Report. So, they’ve launched the “Fudge Report”, self proclaimed debunker of GOP untruths.

At first I was a little excited, I mean, we know that Matt Drudge does call out Republicans when they make bad press, is no special friend to the conservative movement, but is slanted a bit to the right.

However, after review of the headlines, you can quickly see that this is going to be more conjecture and opinion posts than actual news. But just to make sure, I sampled some of their links; 6 to be exact. Out of those six only 2 were true blue news reports from local media organizations that put out print publications and cited major reporting agencies (AP, Reuters, etc…). The other four, I’ve linked to here:

  • …100 Reasons for a New Direction Coming strait from Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s website itself, where they are proclaiming to the world: “Committed to Electing a Democratic Senate”.

  • Another one ripped from the DSCC web site about Mike DeWine and his “stretching the truth” during a campaign.

  • Then one from a lackey site of the DSCC called “From the Roots” that was trying to make a point about a local editorial (again, opinion pages are cited?) on John Raese, the opposing candidate to Senator Byrd (the KKK member guy) for having a gun over his shoulder… But the best part is that the “Fudge Report” puts it up with a heading of “The Dick Cheney School of Gun Safety”.

Democrats, at least the ones leading the party, don’t realize that this is the crap that is shooting them in the foot? Seriously, who thought this up? If it was intended as a joke, it’d be great, but the DCSS doesn’t invest money and time into something for kicks and giggles. They don’t advertise it on their web site’s main page just to make folks laugh.

Here is a hint: If you need to make stuff up or go off strictly conjecture and opinion to discredit your political opponents, don’t try to imitate a legitimate news source.

Again, as someone very dear to me once said: “Don’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining!”