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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 

Lieberman Leaving Signaling Another Step Away From Center?

When do you think you’re party has been hijacked? When they start saying things you may disagree with? When they start to support and take funds from groups that do radical things? When their banner carriers are pushing agendas against long held American traditions? When their one-time Vice Presidential Candidate suddenly becomes the Party leper?

HARTFORD, Connecticut (Reuters) - Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman lost a Democratic Party showdown to a relative unknown on Tuesday, six years after he was chosen the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

Many knew this was coming, but even still, I cannot help but think that the majority of Democrats in America (the quiet ones that are not out going “radical”) are now shaking their heads wondering how one of their more prominent members whom was respected on both sides of the isle is now being cast out?

Even yet, there are many in the DNC that fear him more as the ever dreaded “INDEPENDENT”!

(AP) Unbowed, Lieberman immediately announced he would enter the fall campaign as an independent.

"As I see it, in this campaign we just finished the first half and the Lamont team is ahead. But, in the second half, our team, Team Connecticut, is going to surge forward to victory in November," Lieberman said after congratulating Lamont.

Lamont, a millionaire with virtually no political experience, ran on his opposition to the Iraq war. "They call Connecticut the land of steady habits," he said. "Tonight we voted for a big change."

I think there are going to be a large number of Democrats that start to see their party in a different way. However, there is still hope:

DECATUR, Ga. (AP) -- Cynthia McKinney, the fiery Georgia congresswoman known for her conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks and the scuffle she had earlier this year with a U.S. Capitol police officer, lost a runoff election Tuesday for her district's Democratic nomination.

At least some sanity reigns.

Footnote: McCain/Lieberman in 2008?