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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Chinese Spy Ring Exposed (After 15 Years)

(Washington Times) Four persons arrested in Los Angeles are part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering ring, federal investigators said, and the suspects caused serious compromises for 15 years to major U.S. weapons systems, including submarines and warships.

Key compromises uncovered so far include sensitive data on Aegis battle management systems [and] sensitive data on U.S. submarines, including classified details related to the new Virginia-class attack submarines.

Mr. Chi, an electrical engineer, also had access to details on U.S. aircraft carriers and once was aboard the USS Stennis. A Pentagon report made public earlier this year said China's military is building up capabilities to attack U.S. aircraft carriers.
China also is thought to have obtained information from the spy ring that will assist Chinese military development of electromagnetic pulse weapons -- weapons that simulate the electronic shock caused by a nuclear blast -- that disrupt electronics.

And to go with this:

MOSCOW (AP) - Russia is working on a feasibility study for a pipeline to China, Energy and Industry Minister Viktor Khristenko said in an interview published Monday.

The 1.6 million barrels per day [from yet-to-be-developed fields in eastern Siberia via a branch of a planned Siberia-Pacific coast] pipeline is to run from the town of Tayshet in Siberia's Irkutsk region to Skovorodino in the Amur region. From there, crude will eventually be piped east to Russia's Pacific coast, with a possible spur southward to China.

G’s crystal ball says: Once China has an alternative source of fuel that wont be disrupted from UN sanctions, and since they now have the ability to keep their shipping lanes open, even in the face of open warfare, they are planning to make their move on Taiwan, and take center stage in the geopolitical spotlight. Red China is on the move, is anybody paying attention?