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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Shhhh, China is Gaining More Power and Influecne, Dont Worry.

BUSAN, South Korea (AP) -- It's bigger, faster and ready to throw its weight around.
When China joined the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum 14 years ago, it was the lone communist behemoth among a field of nimble market economies. Today, it's a leading actor in the annual forum that represents about 60 percent of the global economy and nearly half of world trade.

Analysts say China has virtually edged out the United States as the dominant economic and political force among the 21 Pacific Rim economies gathering this week in this South Korean port city.

Nothing to see here, just more obscure news from our big friend in the far east. Oh, and please ignore the huge military build up this economic power is generating. And please ignore the increasingly restrictive free speech oppression. They are of no consequence.