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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

Starting November Off With a Spin, Washington Gets Going.

Just to take some heat off of the Libby indictment, the White House is amplifying fears about a possible pandemic related to recent “bird flu” outbreaks in Europe and now Canada:

WASHINGTON (Washington Post) -- President Bush outlined a $7.1 billion strategy Tuesday to prepare for a possible worldwide super-flu outbreak, aiming to overhaul the vaccine industry so eventually every American could be inoculated within six months of a pandemic's beginning.

But not to be out done:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats forced the Republican-controlled Senate into an unusual closed session Tuesday, questioning intelligence that President Bush used in the run-up to the war in Iraq and accusing Republicans of ignoring the issue.

The message is clear:

If you are a party line Republican, be scared of the bird flu, and trust the President to see you through this crisis (just like the War on Terror).

If you are a partly line Democrat, stay on topic. Bush is evil and his administration is corrupt. The war in Iraq is unjust and illegal, based on lies.

I for one would rather Washington address something besides ways to gain or maintain power and control.