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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

The Quest to Disprove God? (Pot Becomming the Potter?)

(Globe and Mail) Work on the world's first human-made species is well under way at a research complex in Rockville, Md., and scientists in Canada have been quietly conducting experiments to help bring such a creature to life.

Robert Holt, head of sequencing for the Genome Science Centre at the University of British Columbia, is leading efforts at his Vancouver lab to play a key role in the production of the first synthetic life form -- a microbe made from scratch.

"Here we are trying to understand the human genome with 24,000 some odd genes and 100 trillion cells and we don't know how 300 or 400 genes work together to yield a simple living cell," he said.

"So if we ever have any hope of understanding our own genome, we need to start with something we can actually tear apart, break down and rebuild. So we're starting with a four-cylinder engine instead of a space shuttle."

In the quest to create life from scratch, are we expanding upon the gift that God has given us, or are we delving too deep into the Creator’s jurisdiction? This renders promising results, but devastating dangers. Can we, as humans, go too far?