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Saturday, July 23, 2005 

Man shot in London was a "mistake"

Friday London police officials chased and shot dead a man in the subway systems. Now they say it was a mistake, and that he was an innocent Brazilian
National, who was on his way to work.

Two things here:
A.) This guy was being followed after he left a house connected with the attacks the previous day. He was wearing a bulky jacket on a summer day, and when the police approached him, he runs towards the subway. This sounds strikingly like what a possible bomber would act like when they think they are about to get caught. I don’t buy that he wasn’t connected in any way, and I don’t buy that his intentions were either innocent, or unconnected to rash of recent Islamic terrorism in London.
B.) The British police are making now, not when they shot this guy. They should have waited until they could be absolutely sure that there was no connection, and they have not made enough of a comment on this guy’s behavior. The tap-dance statement they made about the “tragedy” in the loss of life will only prove to the terrorist they are battling that their resolve to take the necessary measures is fragile at best.
Come on London, once you were ruthless enough to rule half of the globe. Don’t be so wrapped up in political correctness that you will allow the savage enemy you face to beat you with your own rules.