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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 

Mainstream Media is turning on Sheehan, and Cindy is turning on the Mainstream Media.

The New York Post has a story calling out Cindy’s specific agenda, and how it has become unrelated to her son anymore. They point out that she is “a fully fledged member of the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party. She rails about how terrorism could be ended if only Israel would "get out of Palestine" — and compares Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to "Hitler and Stalin."

While she is welcome to her politics, using her son’s death as a spring board on these issues is pretty off mark.

But no worries, because Cindy also has unkind words for the Media as well. She says that they have transformed her quiet protest into something that “got out of hand and just turned into a media circus.” Wile I agree with her that it is out of hand, I think she is mistaken over who has spun the woman who “came out here and sat down on a lawn chair” into an international political fundraising gala. Even Democratic candidates from Minnesota are on their way to “show their support.”

By the time it is all done, she will be used, spent, and thrown away by the very groups funding her. When this new opportunity for fund raising is over, and the ratings start falling, the Media and the Liberal groups leeching off of her will disappear. She will be left as it started, alone in a lawn chair. Her son will still be dead. Bush will still be President. The war in Iraq will still be going on. Cindy will still feel the hurt of loss, but will no longer have the sympathy of the nation.

Thanks Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace, CodePink and TrueMajority, you have served Cindy Sheehan so well.