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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 

Everyone Eligible Not Using Food Stamps? (Hurry, Find Out Why!)

WASHINGTON (AP) - More than 3 million needy people in big cities could be getting food stamps but don't for a variety of reasons, an anti-hunger group says. […] That translates to $2.1 billion in unused food stamps, the Food Research and Action Center said in a report scheduled for release Wednesday. […] There are many reasons why people who qualify don't get food stamps, the report said. Many immigrants are eligible but face language or cultural barriers or are unaware they qualify, the group said.

I wonder if the study looked into how many people are eligible, but just didn’t want to use the government handout. I know it seems crazy that some people may not want to use a welfare program, but personal pride and self-respect are not dead in this country. There are people that will only use government welfare programs when they absolutely must… not just because they do qualify. I think it worries some that their dependency flock is dwindling.