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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 

Teach Your Children Well (i.e. Make New Hate America Sheep)

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - State legislators across the country are increasingly directing their schools to teach students more about the struggles and triumphs of different races and ethnic groups - a move critics say amounts to politically correct meddling. […] Candace de Russy, a State University of New York trustee and national lecturer and writer on academic issues, said she believes the state's commission opens the door to endless group advocacy-oriented legislation. "Inherent in it, Jews will decide how to teach the Holocaust, the Irish the Great Famine, Armenians the Turkish genocide, Indians the French and Indian War, and so on," she said.

Can’t we just make sure they have firm grip of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, the war of Independence, the Civil War, and the fundamental operations of our Representative Republic before we make sure they know how “bad” we were?

Why isn’t there a push for more history on the American impact in WWII or the Cold War? Why not more history on the evils of communism and the former USSR? It just seems to me that this is pushing to add more followers to the “hate America First” herd.