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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

Another Secret Memo Making Claims That Reality Cant Confirm

(Mirror) PRESIDENT Bush planned to bomb Arab TV station al-Jazeera in friendly Qatar, a "Top Secret" No 10 memo reveals.But he was talked out of it at a White House summit by Tony Blair, who said it would provoke a worldwide backlash.

A source said: "There's no doubt what Bush wanted, and no doubt Blair didn't want him to do it." Al-Jazeera is accused by the US of fuelling the Iraqi insurgency.The attack would have led to a massacre of innocents on the territory of a key ally, enraged the Middle East and almost certainly have sparked bloody retaliation.

Inside sources that remain anonymous and mysterious memos that reveal “unbelievable” conversations seem to always try and paint Bush in an unflattering light with facts that are well, just unbelievable.

No President, much less US military commander, would suggest, much less concider bombing a news agency located in the heart of an ally held so close to the chest of US/Mid-East operations. Without Qatar, would would have virtually no strong foothold in the region (they did host the CENTCOM HQ mind you). Their king has brought unprecedented changes to the region, reflecting an ideal that all in the US could only hope the rest of the Arab nations would follow.

This type of slander (and that is exactly what it is), is the most dangerous, because it preys on the public’s hunger for scandal and on their inane capacity to believe anything called “secret memo” as absolute truth.

Now, just to avoid any confusion here: I think this is made up, because if it was serious (and Bush really was seriously thinking about bombing anything in Qatar), then he would officially be the most strategically disadvantaged man on earth.