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Friday, November 18, 2005 

Dick Cheney Personally Directs Killing of Iraqis!!!

Direct from JoeUser.com at The Word from the Geekside comes this breaking story:

Dick Cheney Personally Directs Killing of Iraqis!!!
I suppose I should have misspelled something in that title...
By greywar

Posted Thursday, November 17, 2005 on The Word from the Geekside

Discussion: Politics In response to this (misspelled) article I have shamelessly copied this from PWOT… an excerpt: DEATHS LINKED TO U.S. MILITARY...
Posted 11.17.05

...as reports surface that White Phosphorous artillery shells used by troops have resulted in the deaths of Iraqi insurgents.

The burning shells are normally used to light areas of the battlfield at night, so that the enemy can be spotted and then driven away with loud bursts of rap music. Critics now claim that during the Battle of Fallujah American soldiers realized that the shells, which explode in a burst of white fire hotter than the center of the Sun, are actually quite fatal and that aiming them directly at the enemy would simply save a step.


“This is an outrage," says Sandra Kiebold of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Terrorists, Insurgents, and Trans-Evildoers. "Did George Washington found this nation by killing people? George Bush, you call yourself a Christian. Tell me, can you imagine God killing people?"

According to embedded journalists, enlisted soldiers are using other weapons designed specifically to kill their targets. One weapon, referred to by soldiers as a ‘rifle’, ignites packed powder charges in a closed chamber causing an expansion of gas. This propels a chunk or lead or depleted uranium through a hollow cylinder at high velocity, aimed to literally punch a hole through the body of an insurgent.

Go read the whole thing… I would like to point out that the PWOT article is actually better researched and more factual than the “article” linked in my first sentence.