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Thursday, November 17, 2005 

Has Arnold Terminated California $$$ Woes?

(Monterey Herald) SACRAMENTO - California lawmakers won't have to worry about a multibillion budget deficit next year for the first time in four years thanks to an unexpected jump in tax income and ongoing spending cuts, according to a new report.

But Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill tempered the good news Wednesday with a warning that the state has not solved its long-term spending problems and warned that big deficits will return in 2007-2008 unless additional steps are taken.

Maybe steps like the four special election initiatives that California voters soundly rejected? Who’s fooling who here? Mr. Schwarzenegger may be loosing popularity, but this is a clear cut sign that he is doing something right in that state. If voters continue to hold onto their political ideals and partisan prejudices, they will end up throwing all of this away. Arnold was voted in to make a change. He obviously his having an impact, but now in the face the reward, they are turning back against him? But here is the spin you will hear from the left: Arnold was trying to trick voters into giving him too much power with doomsday forcasts that the voters obviously saw through.