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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Look, Iran Can Dupe UN Inspectors Too!

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Iran has granted U.N. nuclear inspectors new access to a high-security military site as part of efforts to avoid referral to the Security Council, diplomats said Wednesday.

Parchin has been linked by the United States and other nations to alleged experiments linked to nuclear arms. The IAEA had for months been trying to follow up on a visit in January for further checks of buildings and areas within the sprawling military complex as it looks for traces of radioactivity.

That visit - which was closely controlled by authorities - revealed no such traces.

Finally, everyone can take a deep breath and relax, inspectors have been able to verify that after a couple of months, Iranian forces were able to move and/or clean up any evidence of nuclear wrong-doing at this particular location.

Why are we demanded to act so naïve, yet be called the “aggressors”?

Next time a cop pulls you over for a speeding ticket, ask him to wait a month, and then check you again, at a time of your choosing, on a road of your choosing. Then I’m sure he won't catch you speeding that time. Hey, it works for Iran