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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

Yes it is True, I love My Country, and Believe in Her.

Call this an “Op-Ed” from In the Middle of America, call it “propaganda”, call it the truth, call it whatever you like. But I read an article, from a foreign born citizen, who now lives in the United States that reaffirmed my beliefs that the United States of America is still, and always has been, a shining beacon of liberty, freedom, and justice.

Sure, we make missteps, just as my people and nations do. But over all, the goal and aim of this great nation is for the betterment of the world. Do we occasionally tramp into the realm of selfish self-preservation? Sure, as do all nations. However, no other nation, has given so much, and volunteered so many, for the causes that the world fails to acknowledge. We stand up for the poor, we fight for the weak, we free the oppressed, and we give to the needy.

I understand that there are many in the world that see our actions in a much different light, especially when those actions contradict the political or personal ambitions of a leader/tyrant or another nation. But often times, if we look deep enough, we find their ulterior motives, usually hidden below a thin layer of “morality” or “consensus”.

I suggest you read this article (“A Contrarian View”) by Ramkurmar Srinivasan, an international student, who occasionally writes for the Epoch Times, New York Division. The Epoch Times is a news paper (and online magazine) initiated and started in China. Its traditional stance is against the Chinese Communist Party as shown in their exclusive “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, that has gotten almost 5.5 million people to withdraw from the CCP.

Remember as you read, he is not an American, brought up with the accused “Patriotism Indoctrination” that so many abroad accuse.

God Bless America, and God Save the Republic.