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Thursday, June 01, 2006 

Republican Fights to Keep Congress Above the Law

WASHINGTON (Fox News) — House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner said Tuesday he will summon Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller before his panel to explain their decision to raid a lawmaker's office for the first time in history.

Calling the decision to authorize the raid "profoundly disturbing," Sensenbrenner signaled that he would not be among the lawmakers backing off their criticism of the Bush administration.

Seems I remember something about “the first to place blame is usually at fault”.

For his part, Gonzales has said that the search of Jefferson's offices was legal and necessary because the Louisiana Democrat had not cooperated with investigators' other efforts to gain access to evidence. An affidavit on which the search warrant was based said investigators had found $90,000 stashed in the freezer of Jefferson's house.

Here is what Mr. Sensenbrenner, and other congressmen seem to be truly worried about:

"We've never been told why the search had to be done in the middle of the night," noted ranking Democrat John Conyers of Michigan. "We've never learned why the member in question was not permitted to have his attorneys present while his offices were searched for some 18 hours."

Well Congressman, here is a hint: If they told you ahead of time they were going to do it, you’d probably remove any incriminating evidence they’d find. You’ll notice they don’t usually tell the crack house residents they’re coming before a raid either.

Perhaps leading Democrats are right in their assertion that the current slews of Republicans share in the “Culture of Corruption”? Capital hill is not above the law, and they should be made to realize that. We cannot allow them to attack the Administration's Justice Department for doing its job!

Anyone ready for a third party yet?