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Friday, June 30, 2006 

Sneak Preview for US Domestic Future Under Dems?

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The collapse of the Dutch center-right government over immigration policy will lead to an opposition Labour victory in early elections likely to be held in a few months, an opinion poll showed on Friday.

This could be a preview for what may come in the United States if congressional elections, and Presidential elections both swing to the Democrats at the end of this year and again in 2008.

Balkenende's government has prided itself on tough restructuring of the welfare state and had planned a series of windfalls for its citizens in its last year in power. Early elections may make it unable to reap enough benefit.

While Bush’s administration didn’t try to restructure the welfare state… AT ALL!, the United States is no where near the socialistic structure that Europe burdens under. However, his tax cuts and scant increases in social program spending would be completely reversed should the left suddenly take control of both the Congress and the White House.

"This was supposed to be the harvest year for this coalition government. The economy has just started to recover…” daily broadsheet De Volkskrant said.

Well, for anyone in this country wishing they had a glimpse at what domestic things they could expect if the left were to suddenly take over control of the government, watch Holland’s progress from here. This is a rare opportunity for a sneak preview of what things may be like. Kind of like getting to sample the ice cream before picking a flavor, only MORE IMPORTANT