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Monday, June 19, 2006 

Patriotism (An Oldie But Goodie)

"The entire country may disagree with me, but I don't understand the necessity for patriotism," Maines resumes, through gritted teeth. "Why do you have to be a patriot? About what? This land is our land? Why? You can like where you live and like your life, but as for loving the whole country… I don't see why people care about patriotism."

-Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks

Patriotism, as defined by Dictionary.com is “love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it”

Essentially, patriotism is nationalism. Nationalism is, was, and will be the root cause for most wars. Why not disperse with the very notion of patriotism, thus removing the desire for nationalist defense of one’s place of domicile?

This I believe is the crux of modern day liberalism. It is the nucleus of the numerous issues and ideals surrounding the modern liberal platform. For without the nationalism that so directly influences our domestic and foreign policy, then what would stop us from achieving true globalization and multi-centralism (aside from religion of course).

In essence, if you remove the fraternal loyalties to either nation or religion, then there remains nothing to stop global cooperation and acceptance of each other in an effort to effect beneficial change in the world’s society.

In an effort to analyst this further, I will use a fictional time line of the effects of removing said principles from the people of this great nation. For before we delve too far into this, we must first accept that all people and nations will not comply with this desire for removal of nationalistic tendencies.

2008: United States National Election
Liberal nominee X wins Presidency and begins sweeping domestic agenda to remove crippling nationalism from our paradigm.

2010: 70% Approval rating of US President at home and abroad as probably the most globally popular president of the modern era holds office following a dramatic reduction in global US military presence.

2011: US military forces have been pulled from around the world, and only maintain bases on US soil, or protectorate soil unless otherwise directed by the UN.

2012: Election Year Liberal Incumbent Wins
Due in no large part to the sever reduction in military responsibilities and operations, the US budget is not only balanced, but in a surplus. The US dollar is at its highest value in a century, and the economy is doing well as the current budge requirements do not necessitate any new taxes that could hamper growth.

2013: Enthusiastic about the new trend in US policy, the EU offers the US a seat in the Union. As an after effect, the military is now scaled down by 75% as mutual defense treaties with all of Europe and previous UN obligations have removed the need for more military than just to defend US from improbable invasion or attack. membership as a cross-Atlantic venture to solidify this new path of diplomacy.

2014 Jan: Mexico, pressing for more direct economic help from the US to aid it’s flailing economy asks the US to institute a policy of worker tax/support of Mexican workers, essentially nullifying the border between the two countries, and allowing Mexican workers to pay US taxes, but also receive US federal benefits. Due to large surplus in national operating income, and highly diminished sentiments of nationality, the measure passes, and President signs official treaty.

2014 Mar: Mexico and America sign protectorate treaty to create United American States, combining flags and anthems and making national language primary English with secondary of Spanish. Spanish becomes mandatory in Elementary and all public signs must, by law be printed in both languages.

2014 June: To represent both Cinco de Mayo and the Forth of July, June 6th-10th It is extended for 4 days to include Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, and other US and Mexican National Holidays is designated the United American States National day of remembrance.

2014 Nov: Petition sent up to Congress to hold general national elections and officially unifying the two nations (Mexico and US). Also, hidden in the bill is to remove Thanksgiving from nation observance as it is strictly a former US holiday. Another round of elections to be held in early 2016 for permanent government seats.

2015 Jan: Canada, under increasing pressure from both Europe and the United American States proposes that Canada, along with other South American countries be allowed access to the United American States. At the same time, the first evidence of the budgetary problems of increasing the social programs to so many new and unemployed citizens begins to surface. Inflation rates increase and interest rates rise. At the same time, China and Russia join with Iran in annexing Iraq. Together, they create a unified front against OPEC. The EU and UAS (United American States) do nothing to stop it as no one can agree the who or how to support the military operations that would be necessary.

2015 Jul: China invades Taiwan and joins with North Korea in “unifying” the Korean peninsula, then forcing Japan into a protectorate agreement creating a Asian/Soviet bloc. Inflation and economic calamity are warned at on almost every news reel. The UAS (United American States) has depleted all surplus moneys and is running a negative budget of over 16 trillion trying to continue large scale social programs for all former US, Mexican, Canadian, and other South American citizens. The EU has forced the United American States to pay higher dues as their population and GDP potential dramatically out perform that of the other members.

2015 Dec 15: China and Russia launch a ground assault on the former soviet bloc nations, retaking them in days. They use their combined navies to blockade the European nations in and move to blockade United American Sates on the West Coast Ports. Iran, under the threat of nuclear action moves into Saudi Arabia and Oman, completely controlling the Persian Gulf and essentially all Arab oil exports.

There demand is simply that they be allowed to retake lands that originally belonged to them pre-cold war, and that anything but unconditional acceptance will result in sever military action.

2015 Dec 21: After emergency meetings between the EU members and UN delegations, it is decided that the EU nor the other UN members can support long term warfare with the logistical channels already cut off (naval blockades). They also agree that under threat of economic sanctions, Russia and China must allow occupied states to retain their current trade obligations. China and Russia Agree, and hence occupy former Soviet states and then have Iran pull navy out of Gulf occupation.

2016 Feb: Election Year for United American States
With strong political factions now calling for fiscal reform and military independence, Conservative Nominee Z gains office. In an immediate attempt to reclaim military independence, and to ensure that the States will never again be quartered in by foreign military powers, President signs emergency military acts and begins directing large amounts of funds towards military development.

2016 Mar: President unveils new plan called “Take our Country Back”. To offset high cost of military development in an already struggling budget, President revokes many social programs, sending millions of under-employed families struggling for housing and food. President also revokes payments allotted to EU funds.

2016 April: EU imposes economic sanctions on the United American States, hurting even further the struggling economy. Riots start in the streets as poor around the states are delved into conditions not seen since the 1940’s.

2016 Jun: Seizing on the political instability in the EU and States, China moves to take over control of those portions of South America not included in the States. Iran, under the umbrella of Chinese and Russian protection, recreate the Persian empire in the Arab world and begin exiling Jews from the region, flooding Europe with mass refugees, sinking their economy into the same depression seen in the United American States.

2016 Aug: Revolutionary forces in the United American States take arms against the government as labor class forces move to secure resources for their needs. In the chaos, those labor forces join with communist (if you could still call it that) China, and essentially effect a “bloodless” revolution where the United American States no longer exist, and most of the world is now under the oppression of a very diligent Chi-com government.

No one stopped it because it wasn’t in their best interests, and there was no unifying goal for any of the people involved. The nation was put into a terrible economic position because no one cared specifically about their country, and the nationality that normally makes people stand up and fight for their freedom was removed because it was classified as “useless patriotism”.

America stands for something more than just the people that populate her. She always has. She is a symbol and a figure head in the progress we hope to make in the world. She represents hope and opportunity in a world so severely lacking it. Regardless of the political leanings of her leaders, since her inception over 200 years ago, America has been the bastion of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Why Patriotism? Because some things ARE bigger than you, and some things are worth sacrificing for.