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Monday, June 05, 2006 

What do the Swedish Have In Common With Californians?

As Hundreds of California students, faculty and staff skipped their classes and jobs on in May to protest federal legislation that could harden statutes on illegal immigration; many in America missed the fact that essentially these guys were protesting enforcement of the law.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) -- Hundreds of people waving signs and skull-and-crossbones pirate flags demonstrated in Stockholm on Saturday against a police crackdown on a popular file-sharing Web site with millions of users worldwide.

Yet again, protests about government agencies that are trying to fulfill their primary purpose: Maintain law and order. Sure, you’re just swapping some music files around right? And after all, those stupid music companies are charge too much for a CD anyway.

But, I wonder why these same people don’t protest the government when it arrests and convicts someone who hacks into a bank system and transfers their money out to a different account? Essentially it’s the same thing: THEFT!

Why have the last 40 years been able to produce nothing but selfish and self-serving people that have an entitlement mentality that allows them to justify breaking the law?