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Saturday, July 23, 2005 

ACLU tries to undermine our contry.... AGAIN

"NEW YORK -- The American Civil Liberties Union accused the government Friday of putting another legal roadblock in the way of its bid to allow the public to see photographs and videos stemming from the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal." (washingtonpost.com).

Wow. Instead of spending millions on investigating Rove, why don’t we spend a couple of bucks on investigating the leadership and funding of the ACLU. These guys are consistently acting like traitors to this country. They hide under the laws and principles that make our country great, yet do everything they can to undermine our goals, and our position in the world.

What purpose would exposing more pictures and/or video of Abu Ghraib prison serve? For our country; nothing. It serves plenty for the enemies of this country. So who exactly is the ACLU trying to help?

Sixty years ago, this would have been called Sedition. Now it’s called "Civil Rights". Give me a break, they make me sick.