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Saturday, August 20, 2005 

Democrats Play the Blame Game on US pump prices

Aug 19 5:22 PM US/Eastern
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Democrats turned up the heat on the White House on Friday to act in the face of record-high U.S gasoline pump prices.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Friday said the Bush administration should require U.S. oil companies to disclose their fuel pricing policies and production costs.

I Read this story as follows:

Democrats, long entrenched with the environmentalist movement act to deflect attention from the strangle hold policies (harsh restrictions and expensive permit waits) they have enforced on refinery operations and refinery construction.

These policies have lead to the point in which we now face steep increases in refined fuel prices regardless of crude supplies. However, in order to not diminish the impact environmentalists have on American politics, fingers will start being pointed at the oil industry itself by implying price gouging and unfair price setting in hopes that Americans feeling the pain of high gas prices will empower the government to “price fix” gasoline.