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Thursday, August 11, 2005 

Hillary re-woos the Left

Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe Hillary won’t be the savior of the Democratic Party. In a recent attempt to please the Democratic base, she blasted the current administration in comments to the HOUSTON CHRONICLE claiming “Irreparable Harm” is being done to the nation. Also claiming that "[they want] to undo the New Deal," (i.e. social security and welfare).

While to Republicans this will appear to be nothing more than a text book political move, many Americans on the left will see this as another scare tactic leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

While the Democrats have shifted further left, Hillary has attempted (until now) to bring them back towards center. Some Democrats realize this is a key reason they continue to loose elections.

Yet potential Presidential nominees feel the need to pander to the far left, as seen in these comments.

This will come back to bite her. She will, as every Democrat in the last 6 years, be seen as a wishy-washy, no core values politican.

She may even be in a race for her Senate seat next, but that is a story for another post.

Drudge had this one first