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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 

Hiroshima Anniversary highlights our Media's Self-Loathing

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- When the Enola Gay took off en route to Hiroshima, Japan, 60 years ago, Col. Paul Tibbets sat at the controls carrying a few cigars and his favorite pipe. (CNN)

Why does the US media, full of the self-loathing that has become a pandemic among the Liberal Left, constantly try to paint our country in a bad light.

While the sixty year anniversary of Hiroshima has come, our Media has non-stop coverage of how much damage, how many dead, and how much suffering WE caused. Yet hardly a report is released about how many American Lives were saved. That’s right, American Lives were saved.

How many of our youth heard about the sixty year anniversary of the Bataan Death March that began at Mariveles on April 10, 1942. It was a series of marches, which lasted from five to nine days, in which the Japanese marched the Filipino and American Bataan defenders (POWs), 55 miles to San Fernando, Pangpanga. Several thousand men died on the "Death March". Many died, because they were not in any physical condition to undertake such a march. Once on the march, they were not given any food or water. Japanese soldiers killed many of them through various means. Also, POWs were repeatedly beaten them and treated inhumanely, as they marched.

This doesn’t include anything of what happened to them once they arrived at the POW camp. Approximately, 1,600 Americans died in the first forty days in Camp O'Donnell. Almost 20,000 Filipinos died in their first four months of captivity, in the same camp. The healthier prisoners took turns burying their comrades into mass graves, just as they, themselves, would be buried, days or weeks later.

But how many “Anniversary” stories do we see of this? How many articles finding survivors, investigators, documentaries, or any other main-stream media coverage of these events do you see?

The answer is hardly any. Why? Because this does not put America in a bad light. This story, and the countless others like it show just cause, not only for Hiroshima, but also for the brutal and destructive undertakings that are part of war.

The same idea is present today. Our Media is feeding off of Iraq right now. The coverage is overwhelmingly about car bombs and suicide bombers. Overwhelmingly they have told us about the questionable rationale for going to Iraq, the mis-conduct of OUR troops, and the world opinion AGAINST us.

Yet they fail to cover the Iraqis that are happy with our presence, the clear evidence that Iraq was a potential future threat, the incidideous nature of the enemies we face, or the world opinion FOR us.

We hear about underwear on the head, men chained to the floor, and fake menstral blood by our troops, yet no stories are published about the absolute atrocity of cutting off someone’s head while chanting “God is Great!” and then video taping the entire saga for an intentional web cast.

Fox news is called a soap box for the Bush administration. While their news coverage may at times lean towards supporting the President, is this such a bad thing? Why has our country become so wrapped up in self-hate and self-blame as to think that supporting OUR nation’s objectives means you are a “sell-out” or "brain-washed"?