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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 

Your Civic Duty. CAIR must be challenged!

You haven’t see posts about this from me yet, but now it is time to try and do my part of civic duty, and defend my fellow citizens rights to their constitutional rights.

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is currently campaigning against radio talk show hosts at WMAL-AM radio in Washington D.C.

Their reason? They are offended by the content of what these talk show hosts have said.
Michael Graham was the first victim. His statements like “Islam is a terror organization…" illicited a campaign against the radio station, and its sponsors (in the form of behind the scenes pressure, not open boycotts) that resulted in the suspention of Graham.

Support for him was overwhelming, and he has now asked that people back off so that his radio station may continue to operate. However, CAIR has attacked again.

This time their target is his replacement Geoff Metcalf. He, like Graham is a concervitive, expressing his opinions on what he sees Islam as today. His statements included
“And by the way, let me just add a sidebar here that's significant, and everybody forgets this, but according to the Quran, believers in Islam are not required to tell infidels, and that's us, the truth. So they apparently have permission to lie when it is appropriate.”
Here is the full quote.

While this may seem common to most of us that watch a TV, CAIR has taken offense, and so feels they have the right to try and censor speech that may reflect them in a bad light.

CAIR is an organization that has known and documented ties to terrorist orginizations (visit Anti-CAIR for more information) around the world. Several of its top leadership have been arrested in the past for their involvement. Yet their political pressure has turned the head of our “Media”, whom should respect it more than anyone, to censor our First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

The ACLU is not behind this, reguardless of their posted mantra. It is up to us, Joe Citizen, to right this wrong. We cannot let people or orginizations silence speech when they find it offensive, no matter the subject, but especially this one. They do not want debate on this, they want us to go blindly into the night, ignoring truths and facts that may cast a shadow on Islam.

Please visit the CAIR website, where at the bottom you will find contact information to WMAL, and some of their sponsors. They have posted it to try and get their supporters to bagger the radio station on their behalf. We can combat this using their own tools against them.

Visit Always On Watch for intensive, and up-to-date coverage of this developing situation. Thank you to all who give their support. I encourage you to link my post, posts from Always On Watch, or create your own posts on this. The internet can be a powerful medium. It is time to use it.