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Saturday, July 30, 2005 

France Kicks out Radical Islamists, while the US is Firing "anti-Muslim" Talk Show Hosts?

France ejects 12 Islamic 'preachers of hate'By Colin Randall in Paris(Filed: 30/07/2005)

Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister of France announced that they would expel 12 radical Islamic preachers by mid August. This new stance shows a drastically different trend, not only for France, but for Europe as a whole; which has recently become a haven for Muslim immigrants.

“Those who have assumed French citizenship will not be protected from deportation”, since France already has a section allowing this in their penal code.

The most disturbing part of this is how it relates to a recent story here in the US. A recent post by Always on Watch exposed a story about Michael Graham, a radio talk show host, fired by ABC radio for “inflamitory” remarks about Muslims. CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations), a group to have known terrorist ties, threatned the company, and thus, Graham is out of a job... for expressing his First Amendment rights.

We are allowing anti-US orginizations to effect our constitutional rights because they are “offended”, yet France is kicking them out? Something is wrong with that.