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Friday, July 29, 2005 

China's quiet Cold War

China is building Nukes to counter and maybe even pre-emptive strike the United States if we involve ourselves over Tiwan.

“China's strategy calls for "proactive defense," and senior Chinese Communist Party leaders think that building nuclear arms is the key to countering U.S. power in Asia and other parts of the world, said Chen Yonglin, a diplomat who defected to Australia two months ago.” (Washington Times)

While we pander over partisan politics, the next USSR is building up to confront us. Will we have the money, time, and will to enter into a second Cold War? Will we be able to keep up in a renewed arms race?

Will our nobel sensabilities of liberty, democracy, and freedom fall under the threat of nuclear war with China when they attempt to militarily take back Tiwan?

I have not heard a single leading politician even acknowledge this problem.

“We will sell the rope with which the Capitalists will hang themselves”
-Yoseph Stalin