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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

The Currency of Washington... Rove, Wison, leaks and more

Some light needs to be shun on this one… From Both Sides. First up. Joe Wilson is the least creditable source of anything regarding this entire story.

“The Senate Intelligence Committee basically found that Joe Wilson lied in the course of his histrionics about his trip to Niger, Africa - searching for yellowcake uranium sales to Iraq. A complete copy can be found HERE.” The report turns a harsh spotlight on what Wilson has said about his role in gathering prewar intelligence, most pointedly by asserting that his wife, CIA employee Valerie Plame, recommended him.

“Former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, dispatched by the CIA in February 2002 to investigate reports that Iraq sought to reconstitute its nuclear weapons program with uranium from Africa, was specifically recommended for the mission by his wife, a CIA employee, contrary to what he has said publicly. “
So we know he wasn’t sent by the Administration, and we know that his wife wasn’t “Outed” because he defied them. This whole thing came from his wife to begin with. And here is a shocker: Joe and his wife were both on the Kerry campaign, and made donations to the DNC before all of this. So their motives are not as patriotic as some would have us believe.
“The first public mention of Joe Wilson's February 2002 mission to Niger appeared in a May 6, 2003, column by Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times. Shortly before, Wilson had met Kristof at a Senate Democratic Policy Committee conference in the capital. As Wilson later recounted to Vanity Fair, he told Kristof about his trip to Niger over breakfast the next morning, and said "Kristof could write about it, but not name him."
Now, in order to believe that Wilson himself didn't leak his wife's involvement in this case, you'd have to believe either that a responsible reporter wouldn't ask any of these questions, or that Wilson somehow wouldn't bring his wife into the answers. Neither scenario flies very well for me.” (RedState.org)

Next up to bat... Rove:
Where did he get this information, when did he learn it, and why was it released?
“Mr. Rove has told investigators that he learned from the columnist the name of the C.I.A. officer, who was referred to by her maiden name, Valerie Plame, and the circumstances in which her husband, former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, traveled to Africa to investigate possible uranium sales to Iraq, the person said.” (NY TIMES)

I don’t need any other “sources” here. This is yet another example of government officials treating national security issues as political currency with the Media. The fact is Karl Rove did not commit a “crime” per the law on the books. He did not “knowingly reveal the identity of a currently covert officer”, nor did he “knowingly jeopardize the life of an agent or the success of a mission.”

But even confirming information with potential national security implications is a big “no-no”. A private in the Army with a Secret Security clearance know this. Bush, and Mcclellan know exactly what they ment when they said "... would be taken care of", or "...if anyone commited a crime." Word games are not what is needed here. Law enforcement is. It would not bother me at all to see him, along with these others in a federal penitentiary:

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Al) blew one of our most important secrets — that we were bugging Osama bin Laden’s cell phone, a fact that could have led to the capture of America’s most wanted terrorist — by bragging about it to a reporter.
Senators — Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), who’s also the ranking Dem on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) who all decided to blab about a highly-classified satellite program to the press.

All of these guys are still “serving” our country. All of them are treasonous, way beyond Rove.
The real problem is, our government officials have adopted an atmosphere of arrogant defiance’s of the law. They pander secrets and gossip to achieve press favor.
Hold them all accountable, not just the ones you don’t like.